Classy Sport Team Allegiance Sweatshirt Jacket – How To Create

University of Tennessee Fan Jacket from a Sweatshirt
      No names, no initials, no mascots.... just the COLOR can create a very classy jacket that still allows you to support your favorite team by wearing THE color.  I recently created this jacket to donate to a silent auction for raising funds for a local disabled community resource in bright University of Tennessee orange. As you'll see below, achieving THE ORANGE was a challenge.  The Burnt Orange sweatshirt from
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T-Shirt Re-Birth

T-Shirt Re-Birth Creative Sewing with Londa

I sew....creatively to challenge myself.  For an experience.  To conquer and achieve a garment that is ONE-OF-A-KIND! I was delighted to find the Yada Sisterhood - a wonderful monthly, uplifting and spiritual Christian experience with other women here in my new town of Jackson, TN.  At my first meeting (yes, I went in alone and was totally welcomed...) I just had to 'invest' in some 'fabric' to have fun with
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YES…Quality Fashion Fabric IS Available!

I keep hearing over and over that "You just can't buy good fashion fabric any longer."  Well - fashion fabric independent stores (such as I used to have myself) ARE a rare thing to find these days, but really, there IS some quite nice quality fashion fabric available - even at your local JoAnn's Fabric Store.  Yep - JoAnn's and even some at Hobby Lobby!   Mind you, not ALL
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Alabama Chanin-Inspired Knit T Top by Londa

      I discovered this reverse applique 'look' on Pinterest - and was immediately intrigued and 'hooked'.  Then, when I saw that my sewing supply source was offering her books for sale, I immediately ordered them into stock (for me) AND to sell!      There are 2 books.  The first is 'Alabama Stitch Book'.  Treat yourself to an afternoon reading and studying this book!  Natalie is a designer who
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Color Forecast for Fall 2016

My sis sent me this great email from Mood Fabrics in NYC with a great 'feel' for THE colors for fall.  Not that we let anyone dictate WHAT we wear, but it IS fun to know 'what the powers that be' have decided is 'IN'.  Mood is the great fabric store in NYC where the contestants on Project Runway go to shop.  My little sister got to visit there, but
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Scavenger Hunt to win $50 Shopping Spree @ Londa’s NEW Website

website front
Not only a new GRANDDAUGHTER but also a new WEBSITE!   Take a tour of everything waiting for you at the new online-home of Londa's Creative Sewing FIRST PRIZE:  $50 COUPON CODE plus FREE (mainland USA) SHIPPING   Other Qualifying ‘HUNTERS’ will receive a 20% off Discount Code on a $25+ order placed by October 31, 2016 Minimum $25 order First Prize Winner to be drawn at random at conclusion of Contest at midnight, Sept. 6, 2017.
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WINNER and NEW GRANDDAUGHTER + What’s a Nana to do?

FullSizeRender (1)
Thanks to many of you for your guesses on birthweight and date!  #2 Granddaughter (Mackenzie Rae N.) was born 3 weeks early on August 7, at 9:44 pm and weighted 6 lb. 8 oz.  AND... check out that crop of hair!!!!!  What answer to prayers!!!!! Roseann McGuire - YOU are the winner!  Please contact me at to claim your prize of $100 worth of my Londa's Creative Threads (Sewing)
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I’m NOT a Quilter…But When One is Welcoming a New Granddaughter…

Baby Quilt for new Granddaughter
[caption id="attachment_3694" align="aligncenter" width="300"]              Baby Quilt for new Granddaughter[/caption] I knew it all along - I am NOT a quilter!  Though I love and appreciate them and all the work it takes, it is just not my 'cup of tea'.  BUT, when one is expecting her first GRANDDAUGHTER, one just MUST make her a quilt, Agree? Sew...yep, I did.  Quite the saga - and
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Fed up?….Then SEW!!!

Finding myself in the midst of a very complicated website re-do (my host company got purchased by another!), and with TOO many re-decorating projects on my mind in our new TN home...I NEEDED a SEWING DATE!  Ahhhh.... to be in CONTROL!  My dear daughter is within weeks of giving birth to my first grandDAUGHTER and I had agreed to stitch up another 'nursing/lounging top & pant' set.  So, Sunday afternoon
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Nothing New Under the Sun = FUN Sewing Projects!

We all smiled when Sister Maria (Julie Andrews) whipped those curtains off the windows and made clothing for the VonTrap children. During the Depression, women counted on the flowered fabric found in feed sacks (created 'pretty' on purpose for frugal clothing) from which to create clothes and quilts. I know I've 'blogged' on this topic before, but this re-cycle Memento type clothing creation is currently my absolutely FAVORITE creative sewing.
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