Trump Fashion-Inauguration Details

I can't help it, I HAVE to switch Saturday Simple Sewing How-To's with Wednesday Fashion Watch this week....... No politics - just FASHION WATCH in my new  Trump Fashion Watch posts (a new category on my Blog!) to just what I see/guess in the fashion of the new 1st Family.  What you read here is MY opinion, my point of view.  Take it or leave it...but I just can't refrain.
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Wednesday Wardrobe Hint

SIMPLE.  QUICK.  EASY.  GREAT RESULTS.  When you take a garment off a hanger to wear, move the hanger to the basket on the floor.  I've been doing this for several years now and especially since we moved and I 're-organized'.  When the basket is full, I just grab the hangers and walk them to the laundry room.  Try it - you'll like it.

Saturday’s Simple Sewing How-To’s

OK - yes, it's Sunday, but at the urging of a blogger friend, I'm committing to Blogging at least once per week - hopefully MORE!  On Saturdays (or Sundays), look for a Quick, Simple How-To related to sewing and wardrobe.  Since writing posts and scheduling for release is a wonderful option - I've got the next 3 weeks covered.  Hold me accountable!  And, please comment and share on Facebook, Pinterest,
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Double Kerchief SUPER Simple Skirt Sewing Tutorial

BOLD - update 12/23/16 after gift received by my grand niece, Alyssa and her doll:  Mary Ellen.  OK - I'm never gonna get these gifs finished if I keep snapping photos and blogging ..... but I just couldn't resist sharing as these are so durned cute and EZ beyond belief.  It finally dawned on me that really these are 'full circle' skirts, just without the circle at the hemline cut
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Polar Fleece Pillow Bed – Saga and Solutions

One of those 'hour long Quickie Projects', right?  Yep - or so I thought.  Conclusion - perhaps out of a cotton, or a sheet - something that 'slides' on itself and is accurate to work with, but NOT with Polar Fleece.  That was more like a 3 hour challenge I am sorry to admit.  Oh well - hopefully sharing my saga in this Blog will save YOU time. Alas,  dear
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Team ‘PJ Pants’ Transformed into Jacket Collar

Combining 2 of my pattern designs, Devoted for the collar design and Twin Set Tweaks for the cascade hemline helped me transform a pair of 'team' PJ Pants (in my case the Tennessee Vols) into a great jacket.  For the base pattern, these days I always find myself using my Terrific T pattern.  Follow along for a brief peek into the process..... FIRST, I needed to cut the PJ pants
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Design Opinion: Comments Appreciated…

A new magazine arrived in the mail yesterday and these 2 pictures hit this Grandma over the head regarding design.  For what it's is my opinion regarding appropriate prints in garments..... If you ask yourself the questions I state above, my answers would be: Left Photo:  I ONLY see the dress.  I feel one should dress to flatter the person - NOT to show off the dress.  Which, after
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Classy Sport Team Allegiance Sweatshirt Jacket – How To Create

      No names, no initials, no mascots.... just the COLOR can create a very classy jacket that still allows you to support your favorite team by wearing THE color.  I recently created this jacket to donate to a silent auction for raising funds for a local disabled community resource in bright University of Tennessee orange. As you'll see below, achieving THE ORANGE was a challenge.  The Burnt Orange sweatshirt from
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T-Shirt Re-Birth Creative Sewing with Londa

I sew....creatively to challenge myself.  For an experience.  To conquer and achieve a garment that is ONE-OF-A-KIND! I was delighted to find the Yada Sisterhood - a wonderful monthly, uplifting and spiritual Christian experience with other women here in my new town of Jackson, TN.  At my first meeting (yes, I went in alone and was totally welcomed...) I just had to 'invest' in some 'fabric' to have fun with
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YES…Quality Fashion Fabric IS Available!

I keep hearing over and over that "You just can't buy good fashion fabric any longer."  Well - fashion fabric independent stores (such as I used to have myself) ARE a rare thing to find these days, but really, there IS some quite nice quality fashion fabric available - even at your local JoAnn's Fabric Store.  Yep - JoAnn's and even some at Hobby Lobby!   Mind you, not ALL
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