Top Edge Wrapped Elastic Application

Top Edge Wrapped Elastic Application Below, you can see the technique I love for applying elastic.  I like to use a firm elastic 1 1/4" wide.  I just measure how much I need by pulling it tightly around my hips (after all, you have to get it on and off!).  Realize that any and all elastics WILL stretch out some when stitched!  Instead of lapping one end over the other
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Wardrobe Organization Ideas

color organize your closet
Exhausted from a traveling weekend (though a wonderful one with family), I'm sharing some very valuable information again from my wardrobe-expert friend, Nancy Nix Rice.  Be sure to go check out her Blog at: When I clicked on the Week 2 of this Style Tips series, I had to giggle, as my cousin had proudly explained and  showed me how she organizes her clothing in her new Independent living
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Saturday Simple Sewing Hint: Key+String Crotch Measuring Tool

The 'Key' (no pun intended) to a great pant fit is a thorough understanding of the Crotch Depth and the Crotch Length AND how to measure for each.    I learned and then have taught for years that one measures and alters for the Crotch DEPTH first, as seen below.  The one thing I see missing in this photo is a string or elastic around the 'waist' - or wherever one
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Selvage Finish for Ruffled Knit Slim Skirt

GREAT 10+ Year Wardrobe Staple Garment I can't believe this skirt has been in my wardrobe for 10 years now!  It was time to shorten it for the newer 'look', so I'm resurrecting (and adding to) my Blog post of August, 2007 today. [caption id="attachment_4329" align="aligncenter" width="114"] Blak Ruffled Skirt - August, 2007[/caption] In fact, I even made use of that 'ruffled' selvage edge as the finish on 2 of
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How to Sew Side Hems and Angled End on Tie Sashes

It's time to start sewing special dresses and Easter Bonnets for those little girls in our lives.  After making many bonnets to sell from the pattern I'll share below, I came up with the 'Tie End'  technique as shown in the video below.    Think of tie ends on garments including not only Bonnets, but Aprons, Tie-Backs, Dress Sashes, etc.  I find that my technique of narrow hemming with just one
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Bias & Jewels Design Inspiration

bias and rhinestone embellishment
Check out this GREAT necklace made from old rhinestone earrings and pins I found in a Martha Stewart magazine – THEN I noticed, the RAW edges on this charmeuse dress – undoubtedly silk as well. Look at the neckline finish – it’s just a strip of bias stitched on top of the raw neckline edge!  This is just one of those what I call "SNOOP SHOPPING photos in my Creative Sewing
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Turning Tool Collection Every Sewist Should Have

Turning Tool Collection
In my work with new sewers and the charity sewing that has grabbed my heart (Days for Girls -  making feminine hygiene kits for girls and women around the world), these 4 sewing notions have become my NEW BEST FRIENDS! I now have a collection of these 4 tools at EVERY Sewing Machine, and at each PRESSING STATION, and in bags for traveling to Days for Girls Workshops.  Want to
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Hair Scrunchie Sewing Directions

Hair Scrunchie on girl
For all the years I've been teaching young girls to sew, the first project has been making a Hair Scrunchie - and they LOVE making these!  Always successful, the girls leave their first class knowing how to 'drive' a sewing machine, how to stitch backwards, that most seams are sewn 'pretty sides together', and how to turn a tube.  The smiles on their faces as they leave with something they
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Puckered Seams: Cause and Remedy

taut sewing techniqe
PUCKERED SEAM CAUSES Puckered seams are a dead give-away that seams have not been sewn with the proper sewing technique.  Really, it all comes down to understanding how fabric is woven.  This is what I was taught by Carol Ahles to us new machine dealers, and it has been SO useful to improving my sewing projects over the years.  I hope this Blog Post will make it all clear to
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EZ Narrow Hem Technique

narrow hem sewing how-to video
Many of us  'seasoned' sewists know, use and LOVE this technique.  It is sew very useful that I've decided to bring it to my current Blog Posts to insure that it gets the attention it deserves.  This is SO easy, that I've even taught it to my young girls at Londa's Sunroom Sewing Studio.  THEY can do it!  And, they'd much rather do this than to burn their fingers (little
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