Sewing Question? Ask Londa!

I've been sewing for...oh my gosh...47 years!  And, 40 of that in a professional role.  I LOVE to sew!  That being said...I have lots of knowledge to share. Whatever your sewing question...I'll gladly answer - or at least give it my best try!!!  Just COMMENT below, and I'll answer just as soon as possible! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4-18-13  Brook writes... I am making a sort of tight sheath dress in a stretch
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Ask YOUR Textile Questions

I'm nearing the end of my lengthy preparation for my soon-to-be-released PDF class:  Textiles for the Seamstress.  Just as it says....ask YOUR questions NOW!.  If you have any burning question about textiles:  terminology, ANYTHING - please Comment with your question so that I can be sure I include the information you want to know!   Pre-Orders being taken now.  Click on the link below....  

Braiding Foot shown couching.

Londa’s Couching Hints for Wearable Art

Keys for Successful Couching with Monofilament Thread One of THE most fun things I do to embellish my clothing is to couch threads.  Read on for some super hints to couch without tears! The 3 brands of Monofilament Thread I like and recommend are :  YLI - Wonder Invisible Thread (nylon on a cross wound small cone:  $4.20 for 1500 yards)   Superior Threads - Mono-Poly Thread (polyester on a parallel wound spool:  $8.50 for
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AMAZING Garments at American Sewing Guild Fashion Show

'A Walk on the Wild Side:  Let Your Creativity Roar' was the theme of this year's ASG Conference Fashion Show and I can honestly say that the fashions were AMAZING!  I've posted a full 27 photo Album at my Facebook Page.  But here are a few more... worthy of their own Blog Post.  I don't quilt, but I DO have some old, tattered quilts in my closet.  This really, really
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Up-Cycle Lime ‘T Top

 Armed with some favorite summer colors,  ready-made T'shirts in Lime and Aqua, I set out to 'play'..... But first, I cut the Lime T-shirt apart (I started with an XL), and RE-Cut it using my Londa's Terrific 'T Knit Top Pattern.  This great top-seller is available both PDF for those of you who can't wait, AND printed, which includes the tissue pattern pieces.  Approaching the garment in this manner accomplished 2
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Twist Wrap Cover-Up

I'm always on the look-out for quick & EZ garments to sew, and this one is SIMPLE<  SIMPE< SIMPLE!!!    Fabric:  2 yards of 45" (could be wider if desire and fabric comes wider) soft fabric.  The 'Twist Wrap" I purchased ($10)  was a poly sheer print. [caption id="attachment_2316" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Simple strapped holes at each upper end...[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2328" align="aligncenter" width="138"] EZ Twist Cover-Up. Slip arms through opposite loops at
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I Never Dreamt….

I NEVER DREAMT.....that this 'fun' sewing I was engrossed in last couple of months....would turn into a new Talking Pattern™!!   However, as I kept sharing the garments in my travels, and the pics on social media, I was always asked:  "When will I be able to buy the How-To's in a pattern?"  So I thought - it will just be a quick Blog - or at the most a
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Felted Interfacing Disintegrates with Wear

As I am working on a Textiles Class AND using one of my Mom's favorite shirts in my UpCycle Memento T's,  I am reminded to share what I learned from a Professor in my degree work years ago from her thesis paper...which was all about how 'felted' interfacing does NOT hold up in garments.  By 'felted', I mean those to which there is no woven or knitted actual construction.  Rather,
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‘Creative’ Quotes

In my 'cleaning out' lately, I uncovered my 'Rag' newsletters from the late and wonderful Lois Ericson.  I have no idea if the quotes without authors cited are her original quotes or not, but I at least wanted to make that possibility obvious.  My plans are to write these all over one of my new 'Up-Cycle Memento Tops' .... but for that to happen, I'll have to move my 'work'
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Name Help for new Up-Cycle T’ Knit Top Pattern

I'm deep into 'tender up-cycling' of family garments into tops I can wear. This shirt was one of my mom's favorites. See my 'Memento T' on a purchased raspberry T-Shirt.  I've convinced myself that my design and sewing/embellishment techniques can add to this genre of I've decided to make it all into a new Talking Pattern.™   While there are many variables to this type of sewing, complete directions
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Seamstress Work in Acts of the Apostles

[caption id="attachment_2285" align="aligncenter" width="322"] Early 'Sewing Bee' - Priscilla, Aquilla and Paul making tents.[/caption] I absolutely LOVE to read historical fiction - especially Biblical Historical Fiction.  In my quiet time in the mornings, I'm reading through 'The Greatest Faith Ever Known' by Fulton Oursler (1953).  This reading is particularly perfect as I'm watching the series A.D. The Bible Continues on Sunday  nights - NBC. While I have some reservations about
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