Moving Wisdom….From one who has just done it!

Happy Mother's Day.  This is moving season - for many.  Since we all know it is the lady of the house that orchestrates a is my advice:   9 days in.... ??? to go:  I have some 'wisdom' regarding moving at age 64 (and hubby 66) from a home where we have lived (and conducted business) for 25 years to a completely new town where you one except your
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How-To for Angled Hemlines

As I have conducted jacket workshops around the country, I've found how very attractive ANGLED hemlines can be on ladies!  Especially what I call a 'French' line to the bottom of a jacket:  longer in the front AND back, but angling up at the sides gives a very slenderizing, long-legged silhouette and really solves the issue of 'length' for those who want it 'long enough to cover the hips', yet
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Share your Story – Who taught you to sew?

Who taught YOU to sew?    I'd love to hear YOUR story!  Those of us who are sewing enthusiasts either 'caught it' or were 'taught it' by someone.  What about YOU?  Do you have a person to thanks, or are your skills a product of the 'school of hard knocks' - being self-taught? How have YOU learned to sew?  Who inspired you?  WHY did you embrace sewing?  I'll start this
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Pant Silhouette WIDENS for Spring/Summer…YEAH!!!

Another thing along with change of all types, death, and taxes you can count on is that In fashion - if you don't like it, just wait long enough, and things will change.   I've abhorred the skinny pants, the 'belongs only in the gym' tights as I call them, etc. for the last several years.  At my Facebook page about this a few weeks back, Deb wrote: "I'm 5'7"
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Hand Sewing Needle-ology

Cleaning through my vast files full of sewing how-to's, I came across my 'Hand Needle' file.  It seems that most every brochure, tear-out I had was using pretty much the same 'wording'.  Looking out there on the internet, I found almost, verbatim, the I'm pasting here from Craft Stylish ( one of the best, most complete posts rather than typing it all in again. Another good article I found
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Londas EZ Narrow Hem Technique

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 10.20.43 PM
Years ago, during my custom dress-making years, I developed this quick & EZ yet very professional machine hemming technique for all the silk blouses I was stitching for my clients.  It's part and parcel of my garment sewing skills.  Watch this quick video to see how I do it with just one pre-press step, pressing up the final finished hemline.  Of course, a final press after stitching goes without saying....
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Great catalog for snoop shopping online

Go check out: for some great different, top quality fabric in clothing and design. A bit different from the norm - I had kept this catalog from last year in my 'idea file' - so recently went to take a peek at the current catalog. I especially like this angled buttoned detail on the bell silhouette pants.  Slowly I'm seeing wider pants come back into 'fashion'.  My opinion: THANK YOU!
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Scavenger Hunt Blog Fun – Be 1st to Win a $50 Gift Certificate!

I've just spent HOURS re-working my Sewing/Creative Living Blog, re-categorizing (to fewer) categories, and continually am adding new posts all about sewing and creative living. To encourage you to 'dig in' and also to SHARE my Blog with other creative women, I'm running a SCAVENGER HUNT starting today, March 30, 2016 through Sunday, April 3, 2016. For your chance at a $50 Gift Certificate (1st to complete), or to be
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Wardrobe ‘Switcheroo’ Feeds Creative Re-Cycle Sewing Stash

Next on my 'To Do' List is to change the clothes from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer.  Moving south, I'm sure I'll be thinning out some of the heavier fall/winter clothing, but every piece will be filtered through the creative process question: "Could this garment be used as 'fabric' in a Re-Cycle Sewing Project?   Might I have a use for any of its components like ribbing,  etc..?"   Since this process
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Moving/Packing Tips

OK - so I'm working diligently on being organized to sort through and move our 'stuff' (PLUS my business stock) from a home we built and have lived in/raised our 2 kids in for the last 25 years..... moving from IL to TN.  Below you'll read/see some of my 'hints', though I'll be the first to admit that I won't be able to report how well this has all worked
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