Sewing Question? Ask Londa!

I've been sewing for...oh my gosh...47 years!  And, 40 of that in a professional role.  I LOVE to sew!  That being said...I have lots of knowledge to share. Whatever your sewing question...I'll gladly answer - or at least give it my best try!!!  Just COMMENT below, and I'll answer just as soon as possible! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4-18-13  Brook writes... I am making a sort of tight sheath dress in a stretch
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Hassock Gift Sewing

Carmen's Hassock
I must need some 'BORING' sewing amidst all my sorting/cleaning/down-sizing for the upcoming move...AND I must love my grown children DEARLY because this type of sewing IS NOT MY FORTE!  For Carmen's hassock, I started out following the directions (BIG mistake!), and cut 2.5" wide strips.  The instructions then said to cut the batting strips ALSO 2.5" wide - but (give myself credit)  I KNEW with 'turn of the cloth' principle
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Overall view from the doorway

ULTIMATE Sewing Studio + Stash Storage

TEXAS gals never cease to amaze me!  By FAR, for fabric stash size...TEXAS is the WINNER!  My good friend and Houston hostess par excellence, Carol T. was rightfully "busting' buttons proud" to show off her new AAZING Sewing Studio - which has been several years in the planning.  Check out the overall view of this room, just off the dining room/kitchen/living area of their home....  Double doors lead to this
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How-To’s for Perfect Bound Necklines on Knits

In my promise to always make my products the VERY best they can be, I've recorded this additional video to more fully convey my techniques for creating PERFECT Bound Necklines in knits.  It's all in trimming - and this is a little 'extra' technique I haven't seen taught by any other sewing instructor.  Watch it - a quick 6 minutes of so.....   [caption id="attachment_2561" align="aligncenter" width="120"] Click on this
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Right Front of jacket...
ALL Lives Matter!

Creative Sewing to Share Moral Positions

I recently up-cycled some T-Shirts into a very special jacket for myself.  My hubby and I joined with approximately 30,000 other patriotic Americans of all nationalities in Birmingham, AL at the Restoring Unity event August 27-29, 2015.  While there, we (of course) purchased some T-Shirts that express our strong feelings that ALL LIVES MATTER and that - NOW is the time.  Remember when the world finally discovered the horrific events
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Angie in her Fiddln' Dress - fit as a fiddle and ready to SING and pick her fiddle!

Angie’s ‘Fiddle’ Dress

What FUN!  It has been an absolute joy and blessing to help design and create the 'Fiddle Dress' for my VERY TALENTED young friend, lead singer (and only female) in the local area band:  High Cotton.  Their band wants to 'step it up a notch' for their image, and Angie and I think we've GOT IT COVERED with this great dress! [caption id="attachment_2524" align="aligncenter" width="275"] Angie in her Fiddln' Dress
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TuTu Refinements

Heather's Tulle TuTu Tutorial
I LOVE these basic directions for a TuTu as found on my friend, Heather Valentine's Blog:         These directions are for VERTICAL strips, rather than the commonplace horizontal, gathered rows. [caption id="attachment_2506" align="alignleft" width="285"] Heather's Tulle TuTu Tutorial[/caption]       [caption id="attachment_2507" align="aligncenter" width="330"] Adult Tulle TuTu[/caption]  Here are my adaptations/changes to the great original directions. 1.  I didn't have ribbon on hand, so  I
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Society-Changing Birth of the Sewing Machine

Thimmonier first vertical needle sewing machine.
Continuing with our 'Back-to-School' history lessons related to our beloved needle arts/sewing hobbies... It surprises me that I've never really stopped to delve into the history of sewing.  But, when you stop to think about it - WOW and Double WOW!  Our need for protection from the elements consumed tremendous amounts of time through the years as hand sewing cloth and leather into shoes, boots, tents, coats, shirts, dresses, blankets
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Good (though old) Styling Information

Valuable information for fashion styling...
I'm cleaning through our 2 story + basement home in preparation for a down-size/relocation next spring.  Oh MY!  I'm finding SO much stuff - good (though old) information that reveal the 'path' of my work world over the past 30+ years.  Though some of this will look 'dated', I personally feel most of it is still 'TRUE' and well worth reading.  I'm fully aware that many 'younger eyes' will roll,
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LOVE your Sewing Patterns even MORE when you read the HISTORY

erforated sewing pattern
As a pattern designer myself, I understand all that goes into the production of patterns for garment sewing.  Take a trip with me back into the history of pattern development, and you'll treasure your pattern collection even MORE!  I've found this on the internet at: My comments are added in maroon.  Everything else is copied and pasted from the link above. I have also added photographs obtained from the internet
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12 Sewing Notions You Can’t Live Without – SAVE 25%

12 Sewing Notions for the serious Sewist
12 Sewing Notions You Can't Live Without - save 25% [caption id="attachment_2392" align="aligncenter" width="300"] 12 Sewing Notions for the serious Sewist[/caption] Think of this collection as:   Londa's Tool Box for the Sewist! It's BACK TO THE SEWING ROOM SOON for me, so thinking of 'Back to School for Sewists', I went down to assemble the group of 'Tools' I can't sew without.  Note my name is on many of
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