Sewing Question? Ask Londa!

I've been sewing for...oh my gosh...47 years!  And, 40 of that in a professional role.  I LOVE to sew!  That being said...I have lots of knowledge to share. Whatever your sewing question...I'll gladly answer - or at least give it my best try!!!  Just COMMENT below, and I'll answer just as soon as possible! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4-18-13  Brook writes... I am making a sort of tight sheath dress in a stretch
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Angie’s ‘Fiddle’ Dress

Angie in her Fiddln' Dress - fit as a fiddle and ready to SING and pick her fiddle!
What FUN!  It has been an absolute joy and blessing to help design and create the 'Fiddle Dress' for my VERY TALENTED young friend, lead singer (and only female) in the local area band:  High Cotton.  Their band wants to 'step it up a notch' for their image, and Angie and I think we've GOT IT COVERED with this great dress! [caption id="attachment_2524" align="aligncenter" width="275"] Angie in her Fiddln' Dress
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Heather's Tulle TuTu Tutorial

TuTu Refinements

I LOVE these basic directions for a TuTu as found on my friend, Heather Valentine's Blog:         These directions are for VERTICAL strips, rather than the commonplace horizontal, gathered rows. [caption id="attachment_2506" align="alignleft" width="285"] Heather's Tulle TuTu Tutorial[/caption]       [caption id="attachment_2507" align="aligncenter" width="330"] Adult Tulle TuTu[/caption]  Here are my adaptations/changes to the great original directions. 1.  I didn't have ribbon on hand, so  I
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Thimmonier first vertical needle sewing machine.

Society-Changing Birth of the Sewing Machine

Continuing with our 'Back-to-School' history lessons related to our beloved needle arts/sewing hobbies... It surprises me that I've never really stopped to delve into the history of sewing.  But, when you stop to think about it - WOW and Double WOW!  Our need for protection from the elements consumed tremendous amounts of time through the years as hand sewing cloth and leather into shoes, boots, tents, coats, shirts, dresses, blankets
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Valuable information for fashion styling...

Good (though old) Styling Information

I'm cleaning through our 2 story + basement home in preparation for a down-size/relocation next spring.  Oh MY!  I'm finding SO much stuff - good (though old) information that reveal the 'path' of my work world over the past 30+ years.  Though some of this will look 'dated', I personally feel most of it is still 'TRUE' and well worth reading.  I'm fully aware that many 'younger eyes' will roll,
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erforated sewing pattern

LOVE your Sewing Patterns even MORE when you read the HISTORY

As a pattern designer myself, I understand all that goes into the production of patterns for garment sewing.  Take a trip with me back into the history of pattern development, and you'll treasure your pattern collection even MORE!  I've found this on the internet at: My comments are added in maroon.  Everything else is copied and pasted from the link above. I have also added photographs obtained from the internet
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12 Sewing Notions You Can’t Live Without – SAVE 25%

12 Sewing Notions for the serious Sewist
12 Sewing Notions You Can't Live Without - save 25% [caption id="attachment_2392" align="aligncenter" width="300"] 12 Sewing Notions for the serious Sewist[/caption] Think of this collection as:   Londa's Tool Box for the Sewist! It's BACK TO THE SEWING ROOM SOON for me, so thinking of 'Back to School for Sewists', I went down to assemble the group of 'Tools' I can't sew without.  Note my name is on many of
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Army Coat Memento Jacket

Cot made from Army blanket
Seeing my 'Memento Tops' at the  American Sewing Guild Annual Conference in San Diego in a class she attended, Jan came by and told me about this great jacket she had created from her father's army blanket.  A real pleasant email this week came from her with these delightfully sentimental and creative details about the creation of her jacket.  I love it when customers share special garments they've made with
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Ask YOUR Textile Questions

textiles for the seamstress
I'm nearing the end of my lengthy preparation for my soon-to-be-released PDF class:  Textiles for the Seamstress.  Just as it says....ask YOUR questions NOW!.  If you have any burning question about textiles:  terminology, ANYTHING - please Comment with your question so that I can be sure I include the information you want to know!   Pre-Orders being taken now.  Click on the link below....  

Londa’s Couching Hints for Wearable Art

Braiding Foot shown couching.
Keys for Successful Couching with Monofilament Thread One of THE most fun things I do to embellish my clothing is to couch threads.  Read on for some super hints to couch without tears! The 3 brands of Monofilament Thread I like and recommend are :  YLI - Wonder Invisible Thread (nylon on a cross wound small cone:  $4.20 for 1500 yards)   Superior Threads - Mono-Poly Thread (polyester on a parallel wound spool:  $8.50 for
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AMAZING Garments at American Sewing Guild Fashion Show

gown from old quilt
'A Walk on the Wild Side:  Let Your Creativity Roar' was the theme of this year's ASG Conference Fashion Show and I can honestly say that the fashions were AMAZING!  I've posted a full 27 photo Album at my Facebook Page.  But here are a few more... worthy of their own Blog Post.  I don't quilt, but I DO have some old, tattered quilts in my closet.  This really, really
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