A Visit to Alabama Chanin Part II: The Home

wreath of strips
Today, I share with you the Alabama Chanin look for the HOME. It is a wondrous thing to see how a designer takes her 'medium' - in this case, cotton jersey, and interprets it in many ways and for many uses.  Natalie Chanin has done an amazing job in her Factory at Florence, AL where we visited this summer.  Let me share it with you... A bit of SILK has
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Visit to Alabama Chanin – Part I: Overview

Alabama Chanin Store
A visit to Alabama Chanin in Florence, Alabama This was a wonderful conclusion to our August vacation to New Orleans.  AND, my hubby even suggested it, saying: "Wasn't there someplace in northern Alabama that you wanted to go to sometime?"  Uh - YEAH!  So a quick hour detour later, we found the Alabama Chanin place of business: The Factory - so named because it had previously been a garment factory.his
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Quick & EZ Top from a Sweatshirt + T-Shirt…$5 eclass from Londa

T-Shirt + Sweatshirt Top
First eClass from Londa:  Quick & Easy Top from a Sweatshirt & T-Shirt Give me my sewing machine ANY day over computers, BUT BUT BUT, I DID IT!  This is the first of hopefully many more 'e-classes'.  WHAT is an e-class?  A series of photographs of the design and construction process, accompanied with my personal audio explanations for each photograph.  Ultimately, easier for me to produce and without the need
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Sewing Guild Show n’ Share

Cork Purse
When I moved to Jackson, TN last year, I gathered some new sewing friends and we started an independent 'club' - the Jackson Sewing Guild.  While still small, we generally average about 8-10 gals who love to sew.  We meet twice each month, with our first meeting a 'lesson' from someone and 'Show n Share'.  The second meeting is for working on the charity we have adopted:  Days for Girls.
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Kid Sewing Project – Colonial Flag Pillow

I am working with a local home schooling co-op on a project to give their 11-year-old students a taste of sewing. To go along with their US History learning, the teacher has a day about the flag, it's beginning, Betsy Ross, etc.  She asked for some kind of a flag project, so I designed this Colonial Flag Pillow which makes use of a red T-Shirt as its base, felt, and
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WACO TX Creative Design Idea Shopping

Shopping for creative ideas and to observe sewing construction seems to have become a favorite pastime of mine this summer!  I'm actually almost out of space on my computer, so since photos take so much space, it is necessary and fun to 'clean them off' and to share them with you all at the same time. On my way to the Compass Centre for that Sewing Retreat, a WACO stop.
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Before I Delete from my IPhone…Good Stuff for Sewists

Before I Delete these from my IPhone...these photos are just too good not to share with fellow Sewists ( a new popular term for all of us who love to create with sewing).  Below, you'll find just a 'mix' of pictures/inspiration/sharing from my recent summer travels.  Enjoy! Whimsy Feline T-Shirt This new Compass Retreat friend brought smiles to all our faces when she came out with this fun T!  I
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Promenade Fine Fabrics-Luscious Fabrics in New Orleans

alt="promenade storefront"
Promenade Fine Fabrics This amazing, top-quality fabric store on St. Charles in New Orleans was an unexpected treat of our vacation to that area in August this year (2017)!  My eyes just happened to zero in on it when we were on the trolley to the Garden District for a walking tour.  Click to visit their website and HERE to read more about this father & son team:  Herbert Halpern and
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Try a SEWING Retreat …. to RELAX

alt="compass retreat centre"
Prescription for sewing FUN - a Sewing Retreat where you can... Sew 24/7 Sleep - whenever! Food prepared and served Friends: old + new Melissa and her staff have created a 'heaven on earth' retreat centre out in the TX Prairie at Mt. Calm, TX - in the WACO area.  If you've never been on a sewing RETREAT - I highly advise you check out Retreat Centers that cater to
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Shop to Find Design Ideas = Snoop Shopping

alt=" Flounce-Inserted in Gored Skirt"
I'm traveling and shopping more than actually sewing this summer, hence my current blog direction.  The ideas at United Apparel Liquidators were so plentiful...that here is the final sharing from that source.  Today, I'm in Waco, TX shopping at the Magnolia Market and other stores .... yielding even MORE to share.   Tomorrow though, I'll be un-packing at the Compass Centre for SEWING retreat with my sister and some other (so
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