Soft Surroundings Pleated Pant Knock-Off Sewing Steps

I absolutely love to look at fashion catalogs and websites - looking for unique and new ideas to inspire and challenge my own fashion sewing.  I had torn out these pleated hemline pants from one of my favorite sources:  Soft Surroundings.  For us 'mature' women, I feel their catalog is wonderful reasonable yet fashionable clothing. Inspirational Catalog Pant      Note in the inspirational photos above, that the corner where the
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Sunflower Fence Mural Painting Fun

  The New View from the Sunroom Sewing Studio This Spring/Summer my focus has been working outside in our backyard, the 'view' from my Sunroom Sewing Studio.  Here's the result after roughly a month of serious planning and 5 glorious days of painting fun.  Conclusion:  Painting is making a 3D idea into 2D, while sewing is taking a 2D idea, sketch or picture and transforming it into 3D.  Interesting.....  I
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Memento Soft Doll Sewing ProjectS

It was both lots of fun and an honor to create these 3 soft dolls for the grandchildren of a friend of mine who recently passed on to live with our Lord.  I used clothing of hers specially selected by her husband for this purpose.  The pattern is one I used before:  available at ETSY, the Poppy Dolly.  Click HERE to purchase the pattern like I did. [caption id="attachment_7404" align="aligncenter"
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UP-Cycled Scarf-Bottomed Jeans Skirts

scarf-bottom jeans skirts
The idea of long scarves pieced together to create the lower part of an up-cycled jeans skirt turned into spectacular skirts for these 2 young sewing students.  My student gets the credit - finding a picture inspiring this skirt design online.     SEW SIMPLE! Start with Jeans that fit at the waist.  Cut off legs below the pockets (maintaining inside pocket parts on the front).  Un-stitch the crotch seam
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7 Things Sewers Do To KILL Their Creativity

I wrote these 7 points that I observed back during my retail storefront days, and I continue to find them true to this day - teaching from my home studio.  1. They are way too hard on themselves, underestimating their capabilities.  Sewers forget that the sewing process (unlike cooking!) is wonderfully 'forgiving'.  I have over 50 years of sewing behind me and with 45 of these in a professional/teaching capacity,
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Reversible Knit Top with Wave-Rotary Cut Edges -Test Top #2

I designed and stitched up this knit top as yet another try to come up with THE design for the 'favorite' fabric. Goal Though this design isn't yet 'quite it, I am happy with it and love some of the features I came up with to take full advantage of the reversible fabric shown here at the right, a digital rayon/lycra print I purchased at Fabric in this Top
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Learn How Fabric is Made

I've found a few quick yet informative videos to help you understand how fabric is made and printed. I wrote this for my sewing students in a newsletter, but thought my Blog followers would enjoy as well.... Hop over to the Newsletter by clicking on the photo below to access the videos - clicking on the Adobe Link on the page you'll be taken to in order to open the
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My Alabama Chanin-Inspired Knit Top

finished 'Alabama-Chanin' top
Like many of you, I'm spending alot of time in front of the TV at night these days. Since the Florence, AL headquarters for Alabama Chanin is just 2 hours from my home, I've been privileged to visit there twice. This is my 2nd 'Alabama Chanin-inspired' Top. This time, I decided to use 2 ready-made T-shirts of the exact same size. These are by Bella: 65% polyester and 35% rayon
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Closet Confessions

Now that I've got your attention, OH MY GOSH!!! I'm not sure if I feel blessed or ashamed, or perhaps proud of my frugal creativity, but I got curious ... Just HOW MANY CLOTHES ARE HANGING IN MY CLOSET(S)? Especially these days as I have absolutely nowhere to go - like all the rest of us. a clothes-lover, pattern-designer, and passionate Sewist, here's a peak.... 'Go Out and Look
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Refashioning Fall Clothes for the Spring

pajama pant to blouse refashion
Enjoy this contributed guest post written by Jany Harding. "With the spring season in full swing, that means it’s time to update our wardrobes once again. But instead of buying new clothes, however, it’s much more interesting (and economically smart) to refashion pieces you already own. Not only will you be contributing to overall sustainability, but you’ll also get another chance to fall in love with your clothes all over
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