Simple Machine Sewn Gifts for Kids to Make

My next few posts will be sharing my kid-tested directions for some great gifts.   At the outside, I think 3 hours will accomplish this project, with you guiding the child.  If you have any questions, just text or give me a call:  217-369-4687, and I'll be happy to answer. SEAT BELT PILLOW  Pillows seem to have 'feet' in the car, so strap them to the seat belt with these directions.
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Gift-Making Ideas for Kids to Sew

girl with sewn bird ornament
Since my focus in life these days is teaching kids to sew, and gift-making season is upon us, here is a collection of ideas for you to consider.  Any of these will accomplish BOTH goals:  making a gift and teaching kids to sew.  The BONUS? Planting the beauty of giving gifts they've made themselves in their hearts and minds! Hand-Sewn Gift Ideas SUPER SIMPLE FELT ORNAMENTS    My 6-8/9  yr
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Rolled Jersey Knit Trims

Trendy Detail:  Rolled Knit Trim  How To’s for trimming with knit strips was the subject of my column in Sew News April/May 2018.  When the editors accepted my proposal, I had no idea how much ADDITIONAL knowledge I would gain as I tested and tested and tested knit strips, grain, and rolling. Which Way DO Knit Strips Roll? I always assumed that cross-grain cut strips would be the best, as the most
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Pattern Sizing, Measure Checking & Folding So it FITS Back Into the Envelope

Love to sew CLOTHING?  I have some hints to help make your projects FIT. Take a few minutes to watch this series of 3 videos for the steps I take to begin with.  After years and years of sewing, I know that good fit is a combination of these steps AND tweaking fit AS you sew. Comment below with YOUR tricks, and if this helped you.

Memory Doily Headboard

I love lace - especially crocheted lace - ones I remember on furniture in my childhood home.  When I started dreaming up my 'Memory' Guest Bedroom decor, I knew my collection of precious doilies would have to play a BIG part.  Of course, I let my finger do the research on Pinterest, and came up with many ideas.  You can see many of my inspiration pins at my "Linen Decor'
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Vintage Curtain Heading with Crochet-Edged Hankies

As I designed my vintage hanky curtains, I had the idea of highlighting the beautiful crochet-edged handkerchiefs as the 'headings' above the curtain rods. Since I did one panel, and then the other one later after it 'worked', I took photos and made notes as I worked. Hoping you might be inspired to do something like this, my directions for how I did this can be found below.   1.
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Vintage Hanky Curtains

finished curtains
For my 'Memory' guest bedroom, I decided to make use of precious hankies from my childhood. 'Secret Pal' hankies that I'd received each year on my birthday in a card from my 'Secret Pal'...always an exciting envelope to open, are important hankies evoking fond memories on these curtains. Many of the other hankies are ones I played with while sitting at my mom's vanity. I distinctly remember opening her upper
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How To Sew Pillows WITHOUT ‘Dog Ears’

I'm not sure where I learned this technique, but I've been making pillows this way for YEARS...and it WORKS!  The video says it all.   Give it a try!  Do you have any pillow-making hints? I've been busy creating a 'Memory Room' using antique linens like laces, hankies, pictures, memory boxes... even my childhood MUFF! Watch for details and How-To's in upcoming Blog Posts.  

Sewing Pin Selection & Storage, How To Use, and YES, You CAN Sew Over Pins!

All sewing pins are NOT created equal!   In this video, I share my favorite sewing pins and explain why.  What are my 2 favorite tools for storage of my all-important pins?  The Zirkel Pin Magnet and Ewesful Pin Cushion!  And........tada:  YES, I DO sew over pins, and you can too.  Watch my video to hear me 'state my case'.  As I share in the video, I'm sure I'll get many
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When, Where & How-To Clip, Notch, Grade, Trim Seam Allowances and Corners as You Sew

If you think you ALWAYS trim corners as you sew...that is WRONG!  I learned this all-important and reasonable rule from Claire Schaeffer way back in 2003 when I had her as the last guest teacher of my retail storefront days.  Watch and understand: [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]   Clarification of Trimming, Notching, Grading & Clipping If clipping, trimming, grading, notching seam allowances and corners further mystifies you - be sure
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