1st Birthday TuTu & T Ensemble

Special Occasions call for Special Clothing Birthdays are special - but for a little girl's #1, a sewist pulls out all of one's skills for the occasion.  Such has been my delight - as I've shared in posts HERE    about my daughter's first birthday hand-smocked dress 34 years ago, and the beginning of HER daughter's special birthday finery, and HERE with details about the Onesie.     Here's my #1 Grandbaby, Kenzie
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New Orleans Machine Embroidery Inspiration

In my dreams, the day will come when I can 'get into' the embroidery capabilities of my Brother machine.  Til then, I'm always on the lookout for different applications of that feature to file away and to share with those of you who are so talented along those lines. Here are some great ideas - small and big from our recent visit to New Orleans. SIMPLE COASTER SET The Trefoil
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Embellishment Inspiration from New Orleans Snoop Shopping

The design and embellishment ideas were plentiful as we ducked in and out of shops in New Orleans this week.  Shop-owners were all most happy to have me go crazy snapping pictures as soon as I introduced myself, saying I wrote a fashion and sewing blog.  While we're still on vacation, I'll try my best to sneak in writing and posting from all the inspiration! SAFETY PINS + BEADS I
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World War 2 Museum Textiles – Part 2

machine-sewn on patch
We returned to the WW2 Museum to complete our visit - so enjoy the final installment of the textiles and clothing found there. Below:  italics indicate my thoughts, and regular font indicate what was on the accompanying signage. 1942 COMBAT HELMET Made of 2 layers of cotton twill (the prevalent weave of most everything in the clothing), with thin padding between, this winter combat helmet was designed to retain warmth -
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WW2 Museum Textiles/Clothing

Eisenhower Jacket
The WW2 Museum here in New Orleans is not to be missed! Following up on my posts of a few weeks ago, here are some REAL garments and relics from WW2 interesting to us sewers. This jumpsuit is an example of what women wore to work in the ordnance plants.  'Ordnance' was a new word to me, so in case it is to you as well, here is a definition:
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How To Shorten a Skirt with Elastic Waist

end look from the outside
Short and Simple:  Shortening a skirt with an elastic waist is SO easy!  Here's how I did it just now as I wanted to take this skirt on vacation with me. FIT AND MARK With the skirt on, 'roll' the elastic waist and mark the very top of the skirt (rolled up to the length you desire) .  I usually do this with a safety pin so I can't lose
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Packing for Vacation

Can't help but share - and ASK:  How do YOU get packed for vacation????  Do you whip up something new to wear? Do you clean up your sewing room?  Cover up your machines? UNPLUG your machines? I actually still IRON!  I find a lot of us sewers still do. I'd be embarrassed to wear many of my pants without giving them a press and front/back creases. And get this:  not
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Cold Shoulder Top – Binding Technique

cold shoulder top
Finally - I made time to stitch up my first 'Cold Shoulder' Top.  My first reaction in wearing it is that it feels like my bra straps are falling down.  Though I do think I like the 'look'especially if one controls their bra straps.  The answer is LINGERIE STRAPS.  Check out the difference in the appearance.... [caption id="attachment_5451" align="alignleft" width="151"] WITH lingerie strap control.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_5452" align="alignleft" width="163"] WithOUT lingerie
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Baby Onesie Trim Sewn Technique & Design

Check out my final trimmed and sewn 'Onesie' for granddaughter Kenzie's Aug. 7 birthday!  It's been 'in process' for some time since we live 7 hours away.  Of course you'll get to see it 'all together' on the beautiful model, but we'll both just have to wait. Today, I finished the Onesie - and I must say, I think it's pretty darned cute - but it will be even cuter
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Londa’s FAVORITE Sewing Notions

"What are YOUR favorite sewing notions?  Which ones should I buy?" This is a question several of my new sewing students (and their mothers) have asked me lately.  Sew...I decided to really survey what I grab all the time to use as I sew.  Let's put it this way - when I go to a sewing retreat in Texas with my sister in August, these are the sewing tools/notions I
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