Sewing Question? Ask Londa!

I've been sewing for...oh my gosh...47 years!  And, 40 of that in a professional role.  I LOVE to sew!  That being said...I have lots of knowledge to share. Whatever your sewing question...I'll gladly answer - or at least give it my best try!!!  Just COMMENT below, and I'll answer just as soon as possible! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4-18-13  Brook writes... I am making a sort of tight sheath dress in a stretch
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How To: Underline a Lace Knit Top

Finished Lace Top
Recently, my daughter needed a pretty lace top for her small, casual wedding.  After looking EVERYWHERE, even online and ordering only to be hugely disappointed in the quality, I started looking online for fabric, but then she found this pretty lace with a bit of lengthwise 'give' at her local JoAnn's Fabric Store.  A 'dive' into my Cream/White Box of knit fabric scraps yielded the perfect creamy knit for a
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Finished Wedding Remembrance Pillow

Wedding Pillow Tutorial

One of the most fun parts of creating garments for special occasions is having 'left-overs' with which to create gifts!  That was the case for my daughter's recent very small, informal, casual wedding.  Having made her lace knit top and aqua silk sash and the groom and grandson's 'wool' plaid vests and silk was time for a small remembrance gift..... [caption id="attachment_2897" align="aligncenter" width="2448"] Finished Wedding Remembrance Pillow[/caption] Deep
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notching convex curves

Why – How – When to Clip, Notch and Trim

SEW important to good sewing technique is understanding WHY, HOW, and WHEN to clip, notch and trim - or NOT to!  For beginners AND seasoned sewers, this is important learning. I used to think that ALL  corners needed to be trimmed!  I'll admit that it wasn't until I had a class with Claire Schaeffer when I brought her to my retail store in 2003 that I learned the following.... CORNERS
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Perky Bow

How To Sew a Perky Fabric Bow

Nylon Net - good ole' inexpensive stiff nylon net - is the SECRET to keeping bows 'perky'.  The color doesn't matter, as you will be using stiff nylon netting (NOT the softer tulle) as an underlining for your bow fabric. Underlining means that you lay the netting on the WRONG side of the fabric, cut the same size, and then treat the netting + fabric as ONE.  The fabric shown
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Re-Cycle Sewing with a Trimmed Skirt & Top + T

final recycled top
    See above the unique trimmed 2 piece knit ensemble of my late Mom's that intrigued me for a re-cycle, up-cycle project.  I find it very very useful to have some type of dress form - even if NOT exactly 'you'.  It is important to able to drape and stand back and 'asses'.  The process of this re-cycle garment was both easy and challenging.  I didn't take as many
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Sweater MakeOver Sewing Project

Start with 2 Sweaters
The Way I Do It........  OK, this doesn't mean it is the ONLY way - but after YEARS of creative sewing, designing, observing and teaching . . . I'm convinced that the process I share below is the best way (at least for me) to sew, be the 'boss' and have to have FUN while I do!  Do Not try to  make ALL decisions about a garment before starting.  DIVE IN!
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Care & Feeding of Your Sewing Machine

All About Thread Needles Tension on Sewing Machines
Sewing Machine needles, thread and tension knowledge from 50+ years of sewing ....  Sewing has been my passion since age 14 when I 'took off' as my Mom tells the story. Since then, I earned my B.S. in Home Economics, and did custom dressmaking many years while the kids were young.  It wasn’t until I opened a fabric shop and machine dealership at age thirty-eight that I really learned and came
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Snoop-Shopping for Creative Sewing Ideas

These days, when I have to 'vacate' my house for it to be shown (time to sell - wanna move!), I go snoop-shopping! I love this idea I found at Chico's to put a zip in a shoulder tuck - both front and back - it went right ove the shoulder... Just add about 3" extra with a slash to the pattern Front and Back at the shoulder seam and
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10 Facts About Sewing Thread

Sewing Thread
[caption id="attachment_2680" align="aligncenter" width="350"] My Sewing Thread Stash waiting to be 'organized' into bags![/caption] Living in the Midwest, the crazy rains had the nerve to invade my 'Sewing Studio' - ala corner of the basement!  I don't mean to complain though, as many have lost everything - but it did move Sorting and Organizing my Sewing Stash UP on the TO DO list!  I'm also busy re-working many of my
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