Sewing Question? Ask Londa!

I’ve been sewing for…oh my gosh…47 years!  And, 40 of that in a professional role.  I LOVE to sew!  That being said…I have lots of knowledge to share. Whatever your sewing question…I’ll gladly answer – or at least give it my best try!!!  Just COMMENT below, and I’ll answer just as soon as possible! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ […]

How to Use Pattern Templates – Londa’s Terrific ‘T’ Knit Top

I’ve just published a NEW wonderful BASIC KNIT TOP  Talking Pattern™!  I did so because I just couldn’t find EVERYTHING I wanted in one pattern, and since the rest of my ‘Top Priorities’ knit pattern line all show great, EZ  techniques/changes to a basic knit top pattern to create many different looks, I decided to […]

Trim Up Towels…Quick & EZ!

We are starting to ‘spruce up’ our family home in preparation for down-sizing sometime in the future.  Since wallpaper is now ‘out’, my hubby surprised me by stripping the paper in the bathroom on our first level while I was gone on my last business trip!    That being done,  I had to ‘take action’. […]

FAtter Stretchrite or Singer Brand thread at the top works better than Dritz thread - skinnier - at the bottom.  Nothing but the thread changed in this test.

Londa’s Hints for Shirring with Elastic Thread

   ELASTIC THREAD LESSONS One of the most fun things to do in sewing is to ‘master’ your own sewing machine to ‘do fun stuff’!  I am constantly amazed at all the ‘authorities’ out there in magazines, on You-Tube, and blogs who post and write as if the way they have ‘figured it out’ and […]

VERY Hidden Fly Front Zipper

Londa’s Fly Front Zipper Application

LONDA’S OWN FLY FRONT ZIPPER APPLICATION   As stated at the beginning, this application has been made FREE and utilized in social marketing to market the amazing value of my Talking Patterns™.  For the talking instructions for this application, please go to this FREE Gallery: There you will Find ALL the photographs AND my talking […]

Kai 5220 Shears

Answers to Sharp Questions…Learn all about Scissors and Shears

There is a wealth of information waiting for you at the FREE INFO section of my website.  One I’ve named  “Answers to Sharp Questions” as found in FREE INFO on my website. This is full of intriguing answers to questions about scissors. In working on it, I found out that the available stock of true […]

Sometimes…it’s better to BUY clothing

Sturdy fabric tube is the perfect seam roll for pressing!

OK – so DD gave me a Groupon for $50 for Christmas (for which she paid just $25) at Coldwater Creek.  So yesterday I ventured out there before making my final packing decisions for my upcoming trip to the Northwest to present at 2 stores.  Searching through the store, I eyed this nice ponte knit […]

Put Machine Presser Foot PRESSURE to Work for you

Machine foot pressure effect

As I stitch, and continue to learn how to really utilize the awesome features of this Brother Quattro 3, a feature I’m falling in love with – and have never had before – is presser foot PRESSURE. Hitting the notebook icon in the lower left corner of the screen, it is normally 3 – which […]

Denim Facts

Reading in the Vogue patterns Magazine October/November 2013 all about Denim – as there seems to be so much ‘out there in our sewing realm’ lately about sewing  your own jeans.   Though I’m not personally inspired to spend my time doing this – my friend/assistant Carol always amazes me with her wonderfully-fitting, various color […]

‘Adorned’ Sweatshirt Jacket with Minimal Embellishment

Grey Minimalist 'Adorned' Sweatshirt Jacket

Adorned Jacket w/ Minimal Embellishment (7 photos) On this grey jacket, I did less embellishment (FAR less) than on the Chili Red Adorned Jacket. This jacket features creative use of sewing machine capabilities like Bobbin Work and creating a Shell-tucked edge. This jacket took approximately 8-10 hours to execute. I used the Brother Quattro 4 […]

I Love Lucy Jacket


I just had the most FUN creating this jacket for a very special friend who loves – LUCY! And, oh my – am I now spoiled with having TWO sewing machines!  I kept black thread on my old, trusty Pfaff 7550 for basic construction (love that Dual Feed!), and used my new BROTHER Quattro 3 […]

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