Zippers – a Short History

zipper image
Zippers are a series of hooks and eyes to create a long, continuous fastener!  Invented in 1890, zippers are certainly an interesting invention!  Browsing through some files, I happened upon a short history of zippers in a Taunton Press article from 1991 by Kathy Sandmann. "Whitcomb Judson devised this fastener system in 1890 and called it, the 'C-Curity Placket Fastener. However, the invention was not very successful.  The B.F. Goodrich Co.,
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Tough Man Work Pants Mending – Continued

It is a joy to have a son-in-law in carpenter's training who works so hard that he makes LOTS of holes in his work pants. Sometimes I'm honored to get to RE-mend some pairs.  You can go back to my post of   July 19,2017  and can offer this additional advice.  Plan on work/wear-tested updates as they reveal themselves! Below, see the current challenges - and my solutions.  I didn't think
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Blogger Visit Week – Rhonda Buss

interesting seaming on pant
Concluding my week of posts sharing my favorite sewing Blogs: Rhonda Buss has a WONDERFUL Blog - and I would have to say, my favorite.  I always open her Blog Post emails that come to my inbox right when I see them if I have time.  Then again, sometimes I wait for the evening to treat myself to her fashion and life inspiration.  She even shares her cooking from time to
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Blogger Visit Week – Glenda Sparling

Sure-Fit Designs
Next up for this week's blog posts is Glenda Sparling - Sure-Fit Designs.  I first discovered Glenda with her book, Fabrique way back during my retail storefront days, and it is in my library even today.  She truly introduced me to texturizing and how to create texture and to use it in creative sewing. Glenda has created a world-wide sewing business that I so admire!  She teaches both amazing fitting,
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Blogger Visit Week – Gayle Ortiz

pages from thumb prints
I'm going to take you on a visit of different Bloggers that I enjoy during this week while I'm on 'Nana Duty', enjoying our 12-year-old grandson. GAYLE ORTIZ I've never met Gayle, but when I grow up, I want to have her life and experiences - everywhere she goes and everything she makes is so wonderfully FUN. She did this post on "What I Did With My Summer Vacation" -
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Don’t Miss: Nick Verreos

Nick Vereos on You-Tube I recently stumbled on this great series on You-Tube, Fashion School with Nick Verreos, a past Project Runway winner.  I feel what he is offering on You-Tube is all done quite well, and is in essence, a great class on fashion draping.  In my mind, it is better than  Craftsy class on the same topic that I found so 'dry', I never finished watching it.  The
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Sweatshirt Jackets that FIT!

lengtghening a sweatshirt jaket
NO MORE SLOPPY FITTING SWEATSHIRT JACKETS No matter the style-sweatshirt jackets need to FIT and not look - or feel - like a sloppy sweatshirt. Over my years in this niche, I've created two different techniques. I explained them well in this designer spot as seen on IT'S SEW EASY TV. Sew Easy TV - Series 500. How To LENGTHEN a Sweatshirt Jacket Using my favorite 'Method 2' fitting technique as
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The Pattern Artist – a GREAT Novel to Read for Sewers

Recently, I read a wonderful novel:  The Pattern Artist by Nancy Moser. I HIGHLY recommend it for a very enjoyable, quick reading experience.  HERE is a link to it at Amazon. Peek into the book It is described so well at Amazon, that I am copying that here. "Born into a life of hard work, English housemaid Annie Wood arrives in New York City in 1911 with her wealthy mistress. Wide-eyed
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This n’ That of Interest to Sewers

While I'm away from the studio for some family visiting and hubby's reunion (the BIGGIE!), I'll be trying to slip in some time to share things I find of interest and think you will as well. Digital Print Fabrics The newest in textiles, these came in an email back in August from Elliot Berman Fabrics.  When I owned my fabric store (1990-2003), Elliot Berman was one of my favorite sources for
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Alabama Chanin Stitches – Part VII

STITCHES The books from Alabama Chanin are full of embroidery stitches!  And not just your 'norm' either.  The combination of stitches with applique, reverse applique and stenciling is truly unique and worth your examination and trial.  In the Sewing Patterns book, it divides their wonderful how-to's of stitching by Non-Stretch and Stretch/Embellishment Stitches.  This is all vitally important and guides the stitcher where which stitches can be utilized on a
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