Stretch Lace for Creative Sewing Fun

stretch lace
STRETCH LACE on display at JoAnn's Fabrics today made my creative heart go 'pitter patter'.   Tis a good thing I was 'on a mission' and on my way OUT of the store, or a cut of the aqua bolt would likely have come home to 'age' in my stash - AND it was 30% off of $21.99!  Why did these tempt me?  Feast your eyes - then read my ideas below... IDEAS
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My Rolled Knit Trim How-To’s in Sew News April/May 2018

How To's for trimming with knit strips is the subject of my column in Sew News on the magazine racks now - April/May 2018.  When the editors accepted my proposal, I had no idea how much ADDITIONAL knowledge I would gain as I tested and tested and tested knit strips, grain, and rolling.          Which Way DO Knit Strips Roll? I always assumed that cross grain cut strips
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YEAH!!! Wide-Legged Pants Make Huge COME-BACK!

A recent trip to a Memphis area 'hoity toity' (as my sister calls it) shopping district gave me the chance to do some of my favorite Snoop Shopping.  ALAS, wide-legged pants are making a comeback. Seen at Anthropologie My first stop was at Anthropologie.  I snapped some pictures, but decided to go online to their website to make sure my 'conclusion' was on point.  Indeed, under Pants, you can select either
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Adding a Ruffle to Lengthen a Top Pattern – a Peek at Londa’s new Trendy Tunic Tops pattern

ruffle bottom top
Take just a few minutes to take a peek at my new pattern:  Trendy Tunic Tops.  You'll learn how I was taught years ago in college fashion class to add 'grace' to your rearview, how to adapt ready-to-wear fit, and more.  Order your printed pattern for shipping Feb. 26, 2018 at this link HERE. Trendy Tunic Tops covers how to add length to an existing garment, and also how to
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Pea Coats: History and Take a Peek Inside One to Mend

pea coat
Mending this PEA COAT for our local lumberjack got me curious to find out more facts about this classic coat.   Here is a video 'tour' of my challenge, and the insides that I think you'll find interesting.  Then read on for some interesting garment history from THIS SOURCE.   The name pea coat originated from the Dutch word “pije” (they pronounce their j’s funny), which was used in the Dutch
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Preview Londa’s New Pattern: Trendy Tunic Tops

Trendy Tunic Tops
Pattern writing/recording is going well - AHEAD of schedule!  Take a peek at just a few of the garments developed in the design process.  PRE-Orders are being taken:  Printed - click HERE.  PDF - click HERE. Honestly, publishing a pattern is pretty much like 'giving birth'!  I'm very excited to share all these techniques with you - to create knit tops either with your existing pattern(s)  OR with existing tops
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Turning a Shirt Collar – Have You Ever? Your Mom? Grandma?

worn shirt collar
Have YOU ever 'turned a shirt collar'?  Seen your Mom or Grandma do that?  Most likely quite a foreign concept to the young moms of today........ Well - my hubby irons his own shirts these days (retired, and I did it for YEARS!) and he lamented when he saw this on one of his fav shirts.  "Could you fix it?"  he asked. That question (to which I rolled my eyes, and
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Ponte Knit Fabric: Facts & Where to Shop

'Ponte' or 'Ponte Roma' is the current popular term for a blended double knit.  However, all Ponte's are NOT created alike. I've been becoming increasingly aware of the differences in Ponte's lately, from my own personal experience.  Then, earlier this week a professional whom I admire, Glenda Sparling, posted about Ponte fabrics on her Blog.  Here is what she had to say in her post of Jan. 9 at "I
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How Cloth Maps Helped in WW2

cloth map example
I was watching The Blaze today - Glenn Beck's The Vault Series, which offers wonderful, factual historical truth.  I learned the most amazing facts about how maps were printed on FABRIC to be hidden and kept safe from even the enemy searching our captured soldiers.  How?  Where were these maps hidden?  Inside the uniform's collar!  The presenters reasoned that when being searched, of course pockets were checked, but stitched inside a collar?
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Design Time with Londa – Project Survey

neutral sweater front
2018 is off to a very creative and FUN beginning!  I spent the first few days digging into my stash AND got 1/2 price at the local Thrift Store on New Years Day.  I also pulled several garments from my closet that I haven't been wearing and added them to my 'up-cycle', 're-make' stash.  I taped a 'tour' with some how-to's for some 'reasoning' for WHY we sew!!! Creative
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