Silky Feminine Blouses-Part 2: Hemming

Last week in my Blog Post, I shared about the feminine, often silky, blouses that I've been seeing lately.  Flounces were the 'feminine' element - so I shared with you my technique for easy designing of flounces.  Now - what about how to HEM  these flounces? Woven Flounce Hemming This is the challenge - as hemming anything circular is - well, a challenge.  Of course, there's rolled hem serging, but most often
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Silky Feminine Blouses Return-Part 1: Design

flouncy femnine blouse
  Are you seeing them too?  Feminine, flouncy blouses are making a come-back!  This blouse story was all over when I was watching the newest season of one of my favorite series:  Designated Survivor.  The flowy softness of flounces just really seems to flatter everyone.  Here's a view from the side. [caption id="attachment_6833" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Flounces on V-Neck and cuff.[/caption] And from the front, you can see that those sleeve 
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How To Select the Perfect Sewing Machine Needle for Your Fabric

Selecting the proper sewing machine needle for the fabric you're using is a VERY important decision.  Londa explains what to consider in making this selection as she takes the mystery out of different needle types and sizes.  The needle is the MOST important part of any sewing machine, so change them with every project.  The My Pad is a great new 'notion' for storage with identification for needles that aren't
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Why Sew? Here is Londa’s answer…

Even though sewing is increasing in popularity, many people get a blank look on their face when I tell them my business and what I teach.  Why sew?  Well - I have my answers that I share in this video.  Watch and see if you agree.  I welcome your sharing in the Comments below why YOU sew!

Back to School for Sewists: All About Proper Machine Threading and Thread

threading sewing machine
I couldn't believe what I was reading and learning about thread and threading a machine once I started selling sewing machines!!!! I wonder how I EVER sewed with any success at all before I learned all this 'good stuff' as a dealer from 1990-2003. Here are 2 more of my recent videos I've recorded to get this info out of my brain and into yours...(is that part of getting old
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Fly Front Zipper How-To Sewing Video

fly front zipper how-to
Fly Front Zipper How-To Video I've just taped a new video on my technique for sewing a Fly Front Zipper. Enjoy watching. For just $6, enjoy my written step-by-step directions for ALL zipper types as found in my Zipper Manifesto. You'll learn : a centered application where the zipper doesn't peak and there are NO diagonal drag lines lapped application that is 'slick as a whistle' how to make invisible
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Yoga Band Knit Skirt

Yoga Band Knit Skirt
This simple ‘flippy’ easy-to-fit skirt is a favorite of the girls here in fashion sewing classes at the studio. I’ve developed and refined these directions to enable success for even a beginning sewing student. This skirt is easy to make any length, and crosswise stretch in the yoga band top accommodates growth in my young students - and will also serve well during weight fluctuations for all ages. The Top
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Canvas Tote for Teaching Kids to Sew

Canvas Tote Bag
I've just finished testing/writing directions for this easy Canvas Tote.  It will be one of the first projects in my upcoming Sewing Camp.  I found the Canvas 'Outdoor Fabric' really quite easy to stitch.  It will also serve to get across the learning point that heavy fabrics need larger, SHARP needles for stitching...and to stitch SLOWLY through lots of layers! Find the complete directions for the Canvas Tote at this
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Memento Tops: Up-Cycle Sewing

Creating clothing YOU can wear from those in your family who have passed on...or even with 'finds' from your local thrift store equals FUN and CREATIVE Sewing!  Watch below for how I go about it and some of my favorite garments. For more of my HOW-TO's, I also have a pattern with even more designs... Up-Cycle Memento Tops.   Find the immediately-available PDF version HERE.

Couching – My Favorite Embellishment for Sewing

Londa teaches couching
Absolutely!  My favorite embellishment in sewing is COUCHING.  Defined:  laying down a yarn or heavier thread and attaching with invisible zig zag over top.  I do this with invisible thread in the needle, regular thread in the bobbin.  Watch this clip from my recent episode on It's Sew Easy - a PBS sewing series. Here are links to the favorite invisible threads I use.  Clear for lighter couched yarns, Smoke
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