T with Flounce Additions = Amazing Tunic Top

[caption id="attachment_4946" align="aligncenter" width="143"] T Transformed to Tunic[/caption] Flounces dress up most anything! See how flounces added to the hemline and sleeves transform this T-Shirt?  It was a wonderful T for my sewing buddy at Christmas, but I knew I wanted to 'take it up a notch'.  She found this GREAT plaid printed knit fabric and bought a yard.  I finally got it done for her for Mother's Day!  Here's
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WARNING on T UP-Cycle Projects

runs developing
WARNING Many of the T- Up-cycle ideas need a sewer's touch.  Having now spent quite a few days playing with ideas I have found online for up-cycling T's, I have come to the conclusion that while many ideas are accomplished by just cutting, slashing, slitting and weaving, that most of these would only 'wear' for a couple of 'wearings and launderings', as there are NO finished edges, NO stabilization, NO
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Transform a T-Shirt into a Cascade Vest

Burgundy TVest_on_Londa
[caption id="attachment_4926" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Inspiration-Improvement-End Result[/caption] OK - Transforming a T into this cascading vest tickled my brain!   Cruising on Pinterest for up-cycle fashion ideas for my upcoming Kids Fashion Sewing Camp, I came upon the photo seen at the left in the image above.  Since I lost a night's sleep on this, let me explain... HOW THIS WORKS  The Neck Hole (see my improved shaping) turns into the back
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EZ T-Shirt THROW Coverlet to Sew

Linda showing off T-Shirt Throw
A T-Shirt Throw Coverlet is an EZ memory gift to sew up for giving this graduating season. Know the Designer? Sewing Guild friend, Linda brought this delightful T-Shirt Throw that she made with T's belonging to her son.  Though I'd love to give appropriate credit to the original designer of the idea, Linda did not know - "other than on the internet', but if you DO know the origin, please
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THREAD NESTS – The WHY and HOW to Fix on your Sewing Machine

[caption id="attachment_4881" align="aligncenter" width="266"] Thread Nest aggravating MESS is due to...[/caption] THREAD NESTS...CURED!   If your sewing machine occasionally creates these 'nests' of thread on the bottom, this is for YOU!  I know for a fact that this 'machine operator error' is the KEY to understanding your sewing machine and enjoying sewing. And NO, it is NOT a bobbin tension issue! Personally, I know that I sewed for YEARS before
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How To Stitch Up an Opening Using a Slip Stitch or ‘Sidewalk Stitch’

sllp stitch to close opening
How to Stitch AN Opening Closed Very often in sewing, after turning a project right side out, you need to close the opening by hand using the Slip Stitch.  For example:  pillows, ties, infinity scarves all need this skill.  Teaching young people to sew caused me come up with a way to explain and teach this stitch.  You'll find that in the video clip below, where I call it the 'Sidewalk
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How To Alter Wide Leg Pant to a Skinny Capri Pant

Leg silhouette change.
Once again, I have narrowed some pants to be more 'in style'. [caption id="attachment_4840" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Leg silhouette change.[/caption] Before the HOW-TO's let me get on my Soap Box. I maintain my opinion that the 'Leggins' look must be VERY VERY carefully worn - by women in general.  That being said - here is proof from a fashion show I recently attended.  If your legs are toned and look like
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Londa’s Tips for Hemming Knits

How to Stitch Knit Hems Below, you'll find ALL my techniques for hemming a knit garment.  There are many ways to 'skin the cat', in this case the 'cat' being a knit hem.  What I CAN tell you is that the 'way' instructed in most patterns will NOT work!  Simply turning up a knit hem and stitching WILL yield a wobbly mess.  Give this technique a try and I think
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How To Morph Your Basic T Sewing Pattern

Finished Flippy Tunic from a T Pattern
Changing your basic T pattern is truly LOTS of FUN!  As with this project, that may mean some 'morphing' and RE-DOING, but in the end, it's really worth it.  I let my students see the process as I work on it to encourage them to PERSIST (talking to myself as well!).  Walk with me through the process to see how I got to this flippy Tunic. FABRICS USED What I
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Fashion Advice We ALL Need to Heed

STARS dressing poorly
VALUE CONNECTION If you take time to sew clothing, you obviously love fashion. Color selection is one of the most important decisions you make - every day as you dress, but also as you select fabric.  In my humble opinion, you can't do any better than to listen and understand color and styling through my buddy Nancy Nix-Rice. SUBSCRIBE TO NANCY NIX RICE NEWSLETTER Be smart, and take time to
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