Artisan Interviews: Vintage Linens and Leather + Snoop Shopping for Inspiration

chenille baby shoes
I am so amazed at the creativity buried in us humans!  Lenore and Sophia are artisans creating clothing and accessories  - truly up-cycle at its finest.  With linens from yesteryear and animal skin.... how clever they are!  Enjoy the final 2 interviews I did with clever people at the Craft Fair held in Centennial Park in Nashville, Tn June 15-17, 2018.   In all my years of sewing, I've only ever patched with
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This n That of Interest to Sewers

While I'm away from the studio on vacation, I'll be trying to slip in some time to share things I find of interest and think you will as well. Digital Print Fabrics The newest in textiles, these came in an email  from Elliot Berman Fabrics.  When I owned my fabric store (1990-2003), Elliot Berman was one of my favorite sources for the loveliest fabrics. HERE is a link to that newsletter. 
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Sewing in Business – Toy-Maker & Textile Artist

Tom from Lucy's Toys
Last weekend we enjoyed Nashville, TN for our 46th wedding Anniversary.  One highlight was a juried craft fair in Centennial Park (an AMAZING park by the way!).  Join me to learn from these artisans..... First up:  Tom from Lucy's Toys. I agree, his website isn't fancy dancy, but what is offered - and at SUCH LOW PRICES in my opinion - is absolutely AMAZING!  When I returned later to
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Sewing How-To’s for Elastic Waistlines, Necklines, and Hems

Londa_It's sew Easy TV
Here is a portion of one of two episodes that I taped for the It's Sew Easy Series 1500 that uploads June 27 to PBS stations. Find what I've taught here plus infinitely more in my 3 Disc DVD Set: Stretching Your Knit Sewing Know-How.   Find the entire episode and many more at starting June 27. Click HERE to order my knit sewing DVD. The key to my 'Clean Snappy
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Learning to Sew Teaches MANY Skills

happy sewer
SCHOLASTIC & LIFE SKILLS TAUGHT WITH SEWING CLASSES At the Sunroom Sewing Studio here in Jackson, TN my students learn a wide variety of skills necessary to successful living as a well-rounded, educated person.  Below is a summary of the types of things I naturally teach along with sewing skills.  Read on…I think you’ll be AMAZED!                             
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Toddler Fleece Applique Butterfly Jacket

side back view
Sewing for a granddaughter is a special delight.  This toddler has SO many clothes, that I am making only a few and very special ones.  This polar fleece jacket was quite delightful to design and create.  Even though a big machine with embroidery capability sits in my sewing studio, I honestly am more comfortable with the traditional method of applique and I KNOW I enjoyed 'painting with my machine' and being
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How To Sew a Fabric Bowl Cover

bowl covers
  Just like Grandma (or Great-Grandma) used daily, SAVE $ and be ‘Green’ by using act RE-Using these Fabric Bowl Covers instead of plastic or foil.  When they get dirty just throw into the wash (or wipe off  if you fuse vinyl to the fabric).   This is a great Beginning Sewing Project and makes a super Gift! The aqua/lime bowl cover has been ‘vinyl-ized’ using Therm-O-Web Iron On Vinyl. Follow
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Arm Chair Organizer to Sew…a GREAT GIFT!

This ARM CHAIR ORGANIZER will make a great gift for upcoming Mother's Day or Father's Day to keep remote controls, pen, book, magazines all in their place so they are never lost again!  After surveying many photos of such organizers online, this is my 'solution' for tried and tested directions.  I'll be using this as a project with my advanced students at the Sunroom Sewing Studio in Jackson, TN.   Supplies
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Londa’s Hints for Teaching Kids To Sew

Londa's Sunroom Sewing Studio
In hopes that sharing will help you teach youngsters how to sew, here are some techniques and experiences that I've found work for me, and the challenges I' have experienced during the last 2 years here in my home Studio, and years ago at Summer Sewing Camps at my retail storefront. AGE RECOMMENDATION 1.  START THEM EARLY!!!  If you wait until they are teenagers, other 'passions' have ignited in their
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Stretch Lace for Creative Sewing Fun

stretch lace
STRETCH LACE on display at JoAnn's Fabrics today made my creative heart go 'pitter patter'.   Tis a good thing I was 'on a mission' and on my way OUT of the store, or a cut of the aqua bolt would likely have come home to 'age' in my stash - AND it was 30% off of $21.99!  Why did these tempt me?  Feast your eyes - then read my ideas below... IDEAS
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