Embellishing with Shrinking Fabric and Artist Foil

Embellishing with shrinking fabric and artist foil are the key techniques on this fun 'T Top'. Since it is time to get out the Spring/Summer wardrobe - I was happy to see this great up-cycle top I made in 2015.  With so many new Blog followers, I want to re-Share this fun top in a current blog post...... Armed with some favorite summer colors,  ready-made T'shirts in Lime and Aqua,
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How To Simplify Sewing Pattern Directions

McCall's 7114
I give you permission - to Simplify Sewing Pattern Directions! It constantly amazes me - how DIFFICULT most 'Big 4' pattern make it to sew even a simple garment.  Here's my steps to simplifying - and improving - a basic design.  Many of these steps can be applied to ALL sewing.  Read and be empowered to CHANGE 'the directions'!   Here's an example:  I've selected McCall's 7114, a simple, yet
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Bias Fabric Fur Embellishment

Next to couching (see recent post HERE), embellishing with bias cut Fabric Fur is one of the very most fun, easy sewn trims you can create! See below some of my garments trimmed with Fabric Fur.  [caption id="attachment_4536" align="aligncenter" width="300"] All heaviest trim edges are Fabric Fur Trim.[/caption] The Secret:  Bias grain 'furs'up.  Bias cut woven fabrics cannot ravel (as straight grain will do), but rather 'ruffles' or 'furs'.  Especially
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Sewing: Thanks, Mom for Teaching Me

Stitched with love by Mom
This Wednesday marks the 5th year my Mom has been in her eternal home with Jesus.  I miss her.  I missed her for a long time before she really left us  as ours was the path of Alzheimer's Disease with her.  Then, 4 short months after she passed, Daddy went to be with her.  Just like the two swans we always felt they were, together quickly forever.   Here are
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Embellishment Favorite: Free Motion Quilting with Monofilament Thread

Free Motion Quilting on a Creative Sweatshirt Jacket
Free Motion Stitching around motifs in fabric is FUN!  Especially when using Monofilament Thread.  Check out the photos below to see what  neat 'trapunto' look this achieves. Free Motion Technique Drop feed dogs Monofilament Thread in the needle (I use a 75 stretch needle).  Read about the 3 monofilament threads I use and recommend at my last Blog Post HERE. Regular thread in the bottom. Install free motion darning foot.
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Embellishment Favorites: Couching with Monofilament Thread

Couching with monofilament thread is something I do over and over as I create with sweatshirts, sweaters, up-cycling and other sewing.  I find there are certain embellishment techniques and tools that I developed in my design work that I use over and over.  My next few blog posts will share my favorites, starting with 'Couching'..... COUCHING YARN OR TRIM  To make an embellishment yarn look like it is 'floating', just
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EZ Tiered Skirt To Sew

Tiered skirts will never go out of style.  At least that's my opinion.  Here is one I made long ago: L-O-N-G, but with these directions you can configure your skirt exactly as you desire!  Number of Tiers - Depth of each Tier...  Quite 'Bohemian' in current fashion lingo. Print off the directions and give it a whirl! [caption id="attachment_4481" align="aligncenter" width="165"] 5 Tiers - each progressively deeper[/caption] 1.  Determine the
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I Never Had a Barbie…

Bride Jill Doll
Sewing friend and blogger,  Rhonda Buss, had a great post on Wednesday, March 9  to commemorate Barbie's 58th Birthday.  Enjoy it HERE, along with very wonderful comments.  Her post pulled me to our garage to grasp the pink doll case from the shelf and take a trip down memory lane..... NO, I did not have a Barbie.  Please take no offense (and I'm fairly certain it was my dear Mother's
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Interfacing De-Mystified

shrunken interfacing image
Interfacing in a garment is like the bones of a garment.  Including stabilizing seams as a type of 'Interfacing', I will go out on a limb here and state that EVERY well-made garment will have some type of interfacing or stabilizer.  What I'm publishing here are 'snippets' of the document I wrote which was originally written in 2011 for a class I offered on Pattern Review by the same name.  The
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Making Jeans Waistlines FIT & How To Shop for Jeans

Measure Back Crotch Length
OK - so I'm 'frugal'.  I refuse to pay the big prices for new jeans in the stores.  I had about worn out the only 'comfy' pair I had.  So.....off to Good Will I went.  I KNOW I took at least 15 pair into the dressing room.  I 'scored' with 2 pair:  1 in brown, and the other in 'blue'.  Price with Sr. Discount: $12 - TOTAL for 2 pair!
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