2 T-Shirts = EZ Raglan Peasant Top

2 T's Peasant Top
Two T-Shirts from my stash of T's transformed into this top in just 45'! I'm always searching and testing projects for my Sunroom Sewing Studio students - and I came across a printout from somewhere - I sure wish I knew where!     Both T-Shirts were XL men's. The main idea here is to make this Quick & EZ by utilizing the hems of both T's: one T for the
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Patterns for Living – Banquet/Fashion Show Program

Program Pattern Cover
Sweet Memories:  Church Mother-Daughter Banquet featuring sewing - and an "I made it" Fashion Show for the program.  My daughter was 5 back then, and I sure wish I had some pictures to share - but back then, one didn't have their 'camera' with them all of the time. I have kept this in my files since the event, in 1987.   Oh, that enough would be sewing today to be able to
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Londa’s ‘Must-Have’ Starter Sewing Notions

favoaite sewing notions
Londa's 'Must-Have' Starter Sewing Notions With the beginning of a new adult class here at my Sunroom Sewing Studio, I grabbed my favorite 'have-to-have' notions off of my in-studio sales rack to show to them. I could just have easily pulled them from my personal sewing niche, as these are my 'friends' as I stitch, kinda like my Sewing Tool Belt. Knowing there are SO may sewing notions from which
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Mermaid Tail Blankets for Children & 18″ Dolls

mermaid tail blankets for child and 18" doll
These days find me doing some really FUN sewing in preparation for an up-coming Doll Sewing Class for kids. Oh my heart aches to be able to snap a picture of my 2 1/2-year old granddaughter and her 'dolly' in what I've created, but  she lives a days' drive away and her Mommy is just a little busy packing up the house to move even further away. Sew...here is a
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Cascading Hemlines and Soft Necklines as seen on It’s Sew Easy TV

Londa on It's Sew Easy set
I just posted again at my NEW Blog at the address below.  Click on it and you'll be taken directly to one of my newest episodes on It's Sew Easy TV - Series 1600. https://www.londas-sewing.com/blog/ez-cascading-necklines-hems

Super Simple Circle Cape I've had sew much fun 'knocking off' this circle cape that I invested in while teaching out in Fresno a few weeks ago! I purchased fabric for SIX of them at JoAnn Fabrics for a bit over $100 - of course, with fabric on sale. I've timed myself, and each one takes me about 70' to create, start to finish. Now that equals great gifts in
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Standing Playing Card Holder

Playing Card Holder
For young card players (and sometimes old as well!), this Holder may just be the key to hours of old-time card playing fun. It makes a great gift. Even sit down with a child to create this useful Holder. In my Wee Stitchers classes, a 6 year-old did just GREAT! The cool thing is that the plastic canvas makes it easy to achieve evenly placed stitches. STANDING PLAYING CARD HOLDER
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Londa’s Favorite Book Authors

I love Christian fiction books. I find they enrich and grow my faith. Many know Karen Kingsbury, Francine Rivers... - but there are other, really really good ones I've come to love and that have so enriched my spiritual walk. OK - Here are my favorite Christian Fiction authors you might not know of.... The biblical authors I read and share below all seem to be very well researched. Add
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Londa’s Sewing Blog is Moving to her NEW Website

front of upcycle sewing project using mens polo shirt
Starting with today's post, my Blog will now be located at:https://www.londas-sewing.com/blog/ Read all about the design and construction of this top that transforms 2 men's collared, front tabbed polo shirts at this link at the NEW BLOG hosted at my NEW website!  https://www.londas-sewing.com/blog/new-knit-top-from-old-polo-shirt    

Abby Cadabby Wand & Hair Poufs

Grandma Sesame Street Challenge: Create... "Abby Cadabby Magic Wand and Hair Poufs for granddaughter's 2nd birthday celebration." That was my challenge.  After some online research, especially at Pinterest,  since 2 months ago I had never heard of Abby Cadabby, I found the pin below. In case you haven't heard of Abby Cadabby, Abby is a little fairy on Sesame Street.  She has stolen my granddaughter's heart, for sure.  Abby AND Elmo,
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