Ponte Knit Fabric: Facts & Where to Shop

'Ponte' or 'Ponte Roma' is the current popular term for a blended double knit.  However, all Ponte's are NOT created alike. I've been becoming increasingly aware of the differences in Ponte's lately, from my own personal experience.  Then, earlier this week a professional whom I admire, Glenda Sparling, posted about Ponte fabrics on her Blog.  Here is what she had to say in her post of Jan. 9 at www.surefitdesigns.com "I
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How Cloth Maps Helped in WW2

cloth map example
I was watching The Blaze today - Glenn Beck's The Vault Series, which offers wonderful, factual historical truth.  I learned the most amazing facts about how maps were printed on FABRIC to be hidden and kept safe from even the enemy searching our captured soldiers.  How?  Where were these maps hidden?  Inside the uniform's collar!  The presenters reasoned that when being searched, of course pockets were checked, but stitched inside a collar?
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Design Time with Londa – Project Survey

neutral sweater front
2018 is off to a very creative and FUN beginning!  I spent the first few days digging into my stash AND got 1/2 price at the local Thrift Store on New Years Day.  I also pulled several garments from my closet that I haven't been wearing and added them to my 'up-cycle', 're-make' stash.  I taped a 'tour' with some how-to's for organizing...plus some 'reasoning' for WHY we sew!!! Creative
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Stretching Exercise to Combat ‘Old Lady’ Rounded Shoulders for Sewists & Desk Workers

shoulder stretch
I'd be scared to know how many hours I've spent in front of my sewing machine and computer over the years!!!  Since I do NOT want to go forth into my 'golden years' with a hunched back, forward 'chicken neck' posture and rounded shoulders,  one NEW YEAR's RESOLUTION is to STOP at least every 30' and do this STRETCH for at least a minute.  I'll even set my phone timer
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Poncho of 2 Rectangles – How to Draft & Sew

child 2 rectangle shawl
Creating a poncho of 2 rectangles is nothing new - but since I'd never done it before, I wanted to give it a try for Christmas Gifts for a niece and friend. Here's what I figured out regarding this classic style.  Above all, it is quite simple to do, indeed! PATTERN SPECIFICS Below are the  measurements I figured out to use.  Draw yourself diagrams and it will make sense. Child
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Kenzie’s Christmas Doll & Sleeping Bag Sewing How-To’s

New Lucy Doll
Just as my Grandma made me my 'Lucy Doll'  - gee, about 63 years ago - this Christmas it was time to create a similar cloth doll for my own granddaughter.  I found this 'Poppy' doll pattern at Etsy - ran it by my daughter for approval, and it was a 'GO'.  HERE is a link to purchasing that pattern for yourself.      Here's my (ancient, original) 'Lucy' doll.  Well-loved and
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Frayed Edge Shawls

Making these Frayed Edge Shawls for Christmas gifts did not turn out to be quite the 'quick and EZ' that I had thought they would be!  Like so many project 'directions', my feeling is that the directions are too general, and lack the detail that the vast majority of DIYers need to be successful.  Of course, I cannot find the original 'pin' on Pinterest from which I got the idea, but
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Toddler Poncho How-To DIY

granddaughter in poncho and pants
  Today, I share my How-To's for creating a simple poncho - AND it gives me the chance to show off my sweet, gorgeous granddaughter! Her mom requested a poncho for ease in keeping her warm in the car seat without the bulk of a heavy jacket. Off to Jo-Ann's I went, and looked at the top quality fleece. I found this nice and heavy one in lovely shades of
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Toddler Felt Christmas Tree – Grandma’s Gift Sewn with Love

Granddaughter playing with Tree
My prayer as I worked to create this Felt Christmas Tree and Ornaments for my granddaughter was that I was creating a family heirloom that will entertain and bless little ones in our family line for years to come.  Felt became my friend as I created and engineered, with E6000 Glue, and monofilament thread close behind.  I share my creation in hopes you might put a project like it on
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Wee Stitchers Doll Project – Perfect Sewing Birthday Party

Doll finished by Birthday Girl.
Teaching VERY young girls (6-8 years) the joy of sewing is a very special privilege.   For a young girl's 7th Birthday Party, 7 of her friends (and a couple of parents) learned basic hand stitching skills as they made these dolls.  I took some pictures along the way of creating the design, so that I could share it with you in hopes that you might make a memory with a
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