Snoop Shopping at Bass Pro Shop- Memphis

Is there any sewing inspiration at a Bass Pro Shop? YESIREE! Though I'd been snapping photos like crazy as I 'shopped', when I came to the fudge/candy/goodies section, I looked up to find this charming sewing-related display.  With soft breeze from the fan, the hanging pattern pieces moved calling my attention.  If you want to ever create a fashion/sewing display, remember this display of the pattern pieces hanging.  I loved it!
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Fashion Snoop Shopping & Elvis Fashion in Memphis

Fashion Snoop Shopping in Memphis and learning about Elvis' fashion was a special treat that my hubby is used to when we travel.  This last weekend found us in Memphis at the classic and traditional Peabody Hotel for our 45th Wedding Anniversary. Of course, when you're in Memphis, you learn more about Elvis - and I now know the story of how he walked into Lansky's Clothiers, and Bernard Lansky
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Ponte Vogue Knit Jacket – Part III

To catch up, read Part I of the Ponte Knit Vogue Jacket Sewing HERE and Part II HERE. INSTALL FACINGS that HUG the BODY Facings that are drafted and applied properly can really help a garment HUG the body, rather than bag away from the body.  Recall in Part I, that I do this by simply cutting the facing smaller at the neckline edge.  (Please go back and read that if
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Ponte Knit Vogue Jacket Sewing – Part II

To catch up, read Part I of the Ponte Knit Vogue Jacket Sewing HERE. STAY-STITCH STAY-STITCH!!!!!!! BEFORE starting to construct a garment, STABILIZING edges is VITALLY IMPORTANT!  Boring...but important. For this garment, the back neck of each of the upper back pieces, and the front angled edges of each upper front NEED stay-stitching.  Stay-stitching is stitching through a single layer of fabric, a tad inside the seam line - WITHOUT
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Ponte Vogue Jacket: Step-by-Step Sewing Technique

how to add length
A simple jacket.  A pattern that caught my eye' as a 'new-looking' basic.  A simple sewing delight for a weekend.  Could I stitch it up as directed in the pattern?  Without ANY embellishment? Probably not.  After over 50 years of sewing, most of those as a professional, and now a blogger, I started in - of course, with camera (phone) close by.  A friend in the industry, Nancy Nix Rice, was
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Solutions for Sergers Not Cutting Fabric

When your serger starts 'knawing' or chewing the fabric instead of making a clean cut, it is time to pay attention to your BLADES.  While there are decorative stitches where you disengage the knife, sergers are happiest when they are cutting. Cutting Happens When... The cutting action on sergers is accomplished by a pair of blades. The Upper or 'Moving Blade' is a softer metal than the Fixed Blade, and
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Cold Shoulder Tops: Thoughts on the Fashion Look

When it comes to something 'NEW' in fashion, in my opinion, the 'COLD SHOULDER' or 'bare shoulder' or 'naked shoulder' seems 'new' and quite intriguing to me.  Why intriguing?  Because of the different base styles I'm seeing it on and the construction variations I observe.   AND, personally, I would far rather see a bit of naked shoulder than low-cut styles revealing the bust.  The look is fun, different and
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Sewing with Sentiment via Up-Cycle Sewing

A Day Stitching with Mom I had a precious memories of my Mom in my Sunroom Sewing Studio today.  Though she has been in Heaven for 5 years now, working with this sweet cotton print dress she made me when I was around 8 to 10 years old made it feel like she was in my Studio with me. While cleaning through EVERYTHING in our house in prep to move,
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Fashion for Children: What it Can Mean

"Has the American habit of dressing children as 'mini-mes' helped to fuel the rise of immature and incapable adults?" That question is the crux of this article that appeared in my Facebook Feed.  I went to the source, and have copied it here below the photograph in its completion as per their direction. However, in case you are reading quickly, here is the summary: "You see, by dressing children as
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Flea Market Creative Inspiration

The Nashville TN Flea Market was quite a creative inspiration this Memorial Day weekend! I just love seeing creativity - in most any format.  Take a tour with me:  first (of course) Fashion-Related, then just plain celebration of the creativity of people! I saw Naked Shoulders...EVERYWHERE! I really like this 'look', and it is fun watching for variations.  Naked shoulders were EVERYWHERE at the AMAZING show we saw:  Beautiful, the Carole King
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