How to Sew a French Bias Neckline Finish

press around to outside of garment
Follow these directions to create a professional, French bias finish to your necklines and armholes instead of facings which are so, 'old' school sewing! Create a sample for yourself using the steps as outlined below.  Notes are given at the end of my directions for actual implementation on the real 'in the round' situation of a neckline or armhole. Consider this First... If you use this technique on an edge that
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Sew an EZ Coaster – Great Kid Sewing Project for Teacher Gift

finished coaster
These EZ Coasters are a great sewing project You can't beat these easy directions to stitch a coaster set!  School will soon be out and trips to Grandma's house planned.  This project is perfect to introduce your youngster to sewing. These coasters will make you think, yet they are really very easy to do.  And, they teach some basic sewing skills.  A set of 4 of these coasters makes a lovely year-end
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Snoop Shop for Creative Sewing Ideas

Larks Head Knots with knit strips
I love to 'Snoop Shop'.  That means that I 'flit' through the stores looking for creative construction and embellishment ideas.  Armed with my iphone, snapping photos makes it easy to record the ideas with photos.  Let's take a peek at some of my recent 'finds' - many of which were at our local Goodwill Store! BLANKET STITCH EMBELLISHMENT ON KNIT TOP NECKLINE This is a 2 thread stitch on a
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He is RISEN!

HOPE in the living Christ church banner
For this Easter Sunday, again a church banner I created years ago....  This banner was created with really just combining cotton quilting fabrics backed with Steam a Seam 2 (fusible web with paper on both sides) on the same off-white wool crepe as the ‘He Did This For You’ banner – so they would look good hanging together. The gold is the wonderful Quick Bias Tape from Clover. SUPER simple
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A Bunny & A Basket & a Warrior Quilt

Easter Gifts for children
  Here is what 'Nana' has completed for Springtime Family visit gifts.   That Bunny took just A LOT of work!  After stitching the nose twice, I decided that was just her personality!  Such work - even a combo of pellets and stuffing.  My heart goes out to the sewers in factories who toil daily to create these.  I know - the pattern?  Here it is at this link... She
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He Did This For You

He did This - Cross and thorns banner
Since I have so many new Blog followers, I'm Re-Posting this from several years ago.  Using my sewing skills to create banners for a church we were attending at the time is one of the most rewarding tasks I've undertaken.  While too late for this year, perhaps this will put an idea onto YOUR 'TO DO' list for your own church in the future. [caption id="attachment_2148" align="aligncenter" width="225"] What Christ
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Care of Rayon Fabrics & Garments – PART III in Rayon: Love It or hate It

ultimate best care for Rayon
Care of Rayon Fabrics What is the BEST laundering care for Rayon?  This Blog post surveys some online fabric sources and the care they recommended. In the end, we must clean our garments in some manner.  For rayon, this can be a monumental challenge.  Armed with the detailed information of the last 2 blog posts on Rayon, it is clear that the labelling of rayon garments is just not complete
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Rayon Fiber Facts – Part II of Rayon: Love It or Hate It

from pulp to fabric
In PART II on Rayon: Love It or Hate It,  learn all about the different types of Rayon.  Finally, understand terms  like Viscose, Modal™, Lyocell and Tencel®.  Learn about the manufacture of these types of Rayon, as it is all really quite interesting.  If you've just joined in, you would be well advised to go to Saturday's Post and read Part I - which gives the basics of Rayon - the
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Rayon: Love it or Hate it

Rayon introduction image
Rayon.  What IS IT?  Man-made or Natural fiber?  Well - the answer is "Both" That's the reason that the popular 'Rayon' or 'Viscose' as the fiber in clothing is so confusing.  I had so much fun learning (again)  about Rayon as I prepared my class and developed my PDF  Textiles for the Seamstress and PDF Product,.  AND, have some recent additional learning and sewing experience, so I've decided to split up
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Natural Fibers Explained: Cotton, Silk, Wool, Linen

sources of natural fibers
Cotton - Linen - Silk - Wool are the natural fibers.  See if you can  answer these interesting fiber questions? Which natural fiber can bend 20,000 times before breaking? Which natural fiber is found in face powder? Inside a Baseball? Which natural fiber gets stronger when wet?  Which natural fiber is found in the nose of the Concord Jet AND Ben Franklin's Kite?How do these natural, God-made fibers translate into
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