Hair Scrunchie Sewing Directions

Hair Scrunchie on girl
For all the years I've been teaching young girls to sew, the first project has been making a Hair Scrunchie - and they LOVE making these!  Always successful, the girls leave their first class knowing how to 'drive' a sewing machine, how to stitch backwards, that most seams are sewn 'pretty sides together', and how to turn a tube.  The smiles on their faces as they leave with something they
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Puckered Seams: Cause and Remedy

taut sewing techniqe
PUCKERED SEAM CAUSES Puckered seams are a dead give-away that seams have not been sewn with the proper sewing technique.  Really, it all comes down to understanding how fabric is woven.  This is what I was taught by Carol Ahles to us new machine dealers, and it has been SO useful to improving my sewing projects over the years.  I hope this Blog Post will make it all clear to
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EZ Narrow Hem Technique

narrow hem sewing how-to video
Many of us  'seasoned' sewists know, use and LOVE this technique.  It is sew very useful that I've decided to bring it to my current Blog Posts to insure that it gets the attention it deserves.  This is SO easy, that I've even taught it to my young girls at Londa's Sunroom Sewing Studio.  THEY can do it!  And, they'd much rather do this than to burn their fingers (little
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Super Bowl Football Uniform Construction

I'm obviously NOT a football fan, knowing only enough to keep a eye on the ball, and the downs and yards to go basics. I wonder if anyone else was observing - much less taking pictures of the TV to record (to share) the construction of the uniforms for the Patriots and Falcons. Both are designed for increased movement, but I vote for the gusset on the Falcons'. :) Do
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Proof that Dark Colors Recede and Light Colors Advance

This UNIQUE video proves it, hands-down: Dark Colors Recede and Light Colors Advance  Watch and be convinced.  Then, apply this knowledge as you sew, create, and dress! Personally this applies:  With size 11 feet, I NEVER wear light-colored shoes, just for this reason.  I mean - WHY would I want to draw attention to my feet I ask. Black pants are the staple of my wardrobe.  Makes the derriere look
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The Fun of Machine Applique – the OLD Way!

Teaching young gals the skills of creative sewing recently 'took me back' to the good old skill of machine applique.  I thoroughly enjoyed 'driving the machine' around the fusible web-backed letters as I created this 'Pool Party' appliqued Beach Towel.  It is the project I came up with to teach the skill of machine applique in an upcoming 'Pool Party' spring break camp.  My mission is to teach  the skill
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Two Things to Understand Regarding Serger Threading

Take 3 minutes to watch this quick serging video where I explain the 2 things I learned (while selling sergers at my shop years ago) that will help you IMMENSELY master your serger threading.  Click      To Summarize:  1,  The needle thread(s) MUST come straight back from the eye of the needle.  They canNOT be wrapped around the Lower Looper. 2.  The Upper Looper thread must lay further back,
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Silk Dupioni Vogue 1182 Tailored Dress Sewing Story

I procrastinated too long - but did end up with a roaring success for my dress to wear to stand up for my little sister at her wedding last weekend.  Here is a photo of me wearing my dress at the reception, the pattern used, and an upper bodice closeup.        PATTERN ALTERATIONS If you look closely at the leftmost photo on the pattern cover, you can see
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Wednesday Wardrobe Hint: Don’t Believe the Lie of Fashion Magazines

Thanks (again) to Nancy Nix Rice for sharing this video at the beginning of 2017 for a dose of reality as many of us look again at our wardrobes.  I find when the season hints of change, that I need to RE-LOOK at everything in terms of  My Lifestyle and NEEDS. What I have worn - or NOT worn, and WHY My favorites - and WHY BUT, this video also
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Travel Pillow Wedding Gifts

Making gifts to give is just...the BEST!  Yes, I could have gone and bought my little sis and her new hubby some neck pillows for resting their wedding-tired heads on in route to Hawaii Honeymoon, but it was more fun to stitch them up sewing in some prayers and LOVE. I helped my students make some of these for Christmas Gifts, and they loved making them as well.  Below are
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