Tour a Cotton Gin with Londa

cotton blooming
Big machinery intrigues me.  Inventions intrigue me.  A cotton gin is both!  Tour the Dalton Cotton Gin with me to learn how our beloved cotton starts its road from growing in a field to wrapped on a bolt. Textile Information PDF Class Textiles for the Seamstress will clarify the topic of TEXTILES so that you can order fabric online with confidence and FINALLY understand all the textile terminology.  Yes -
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Fine Elastic Waist Finishes That Eliminate the Bulk

Comfy Elastic Waists need not look 'home-made' nor be bulky.  Watch my new video with LOTS of details I bet you never thought of before.

Sample Sweatshirt Transformation Jackets: MASSIVE Sale

Etsy Glimpse of Jacket Sale
HUGE Designer Sample Jacket Sale! Unbelievably LOW pricing.  Why? I'm a female - so I have every right to CHANGE my Mind!  After designing, writing directions for books and patterns, and traveling the country with these jackets...It's TIME to change the focus of my creative direction.  Therefore, the vast majority of my jackets are now up for sale at my ETSY SHOP.  Of course, my favorites are in my own closet,
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How To Iron a Shirt (The Way Mom Taught Me)

Yep - we still iron at our house - and always have.  In this video, I show how my dear Mom taught me this 'art'.  From our days at college and all through the years that my hubby worked, he went dressed well in an ironed shirt.  Only during some of my most crazy shop ownership years did he take his shirts to be 'laundered' and heavily starched. As I
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Answers to Sharp Questions: Scissors Facts

Though rotary cutters have taken the sewing world by storm, SCISSORS are still a vital, indispensable piece of sewing equipment. Here are some 'sharp facts you may not understand.  I surely didn't understand all this until I started selling scissors and sought answers from a scissors manufacturer. Is it 'Scissor' or 'Scissors'? What's the difference between a Scissors and a Shears?  Read on for some 'sharp' facts including a full
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Lucy Jacket Up-Cycle Project: Re-Visited

A peek inside of fronts - as are exposed when front left open and 'floppy'.
Some projects are worth a RE-SHARE, and the Lucy Jacket I created is definitely one of those.  My passion for re-cycling/up-cycle sewing is becoming an obsession! Original LUCY Jacket Post from 11-19-13 "I just had the most FUN creating this jacket for a very special friend who loves – LUCY! Beauty of Stitching with TWO Machines And, oh my – am I now spoiled with having TWO sewing machines!  I
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Tickled Pink: My Featured Top in Altered Couture

Altered Couture Featured Article
My mail today was pretty exciting!  I opened an advance copy of Altered Couture Magazine that contains my up-cycled top as a feature article!  This Stampington magazine is 'The Ultimate Guide for Artwear Enthusiasts" - which, I suppose I have become since this is my absolutely FAVORITE type of creative sewing. The 2 piece knit top from the late 60's was my late Mother's, and the grey silk T belonged to my Dad.  It
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Zippers – a Short History

zipper image
Zippers are a series of hooks and eyes to create a long, continuous fastener!  Invented in 1890, zippers are certainly an interesting invention!  Browsing through some files, I happened upon a short history of zippers in a Taunton Press article from 1991 by Kathy Sandmann. "Whitcomb Judson devised this fastener system in 1890 and called it, the 'C-Curity Placket Fastener. However, the invention was not very successful.  The B.F. Goodrich Co.,
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Tough Man Work Pants Mending – Continued

It is a joy to have a son-in-law in carpenter's training who works so hard that he makes LOTS of holes in his work pants. Sometimes I'm honored to get to RE-mend some pairs.  You can go back to my post of   July 19,2017  and can offer this additional advice.  Plan on work/wear-tested updates as they reveal themselves! Below, see the current challenges - and my solutions.  I didn't think
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Blogger Visit Week – Rhonda Buss

interesting seaming on pant
Concluding my week of posts sharing my favorite sewing Blogs: Rhonda Buss has a WONDERFUL Blog - and I would have to say, my favorite.  I always open her Blog Post emails that come to my inbox right when I see them if I have time.  Then again, sometimes I wait for the evening to treat myself to her fashion and life inspiration.  She even shares her cooking from time to
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