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While I'm away from the studio for some family visiting and hubby's reunion (the BIGGIE!), I'll be trying to slip in some time to share things I find of interest and think you will as well. Digital Print Fabrics The newest in textiles, these came in an email back in August from Elliot Berman Fabrics.  When I owned my fabric store (1990-2003), Elliot Berman was one of my favorite sources for
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Alabama Chanin Stitches – Part VII

STITCHES The books from Alabama Chanin are full of embroidery stitches!  And not just your 'norm' either.  The combination of stitches with applique, reverse applique and stenciling is truly unique and worth your examination and trial.  In the Sewing Patterns book, it divides their wonderful how-to's of stitching by Non-Stretch and Stretch/Embellishment Stitches.  This is all vitally important and guides the stitcher where which stitches can be utilized on a
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Tools & Techniques for the Alabama Chanin ‘Look’: Part VI

The Tools and Techniques developed by Natalie Chanin are a wonderful blend. So much of all this is a delightful 'twist' on what I've known in my creative past.  What intrigued me from the beginning was the stenciling.  Years ago, I had Diane Ericson to my retail storefront and I fell in love with her 'brand' of surface design.  Visits and teaching from Diane, her late mother, Lois Ericson, and
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Textures of Alabama Chanin – Part V

coral reverse applique
Breath-Taking Texture THAT is what first - and still - draws me to the 'look' of Alabama Chanin, the amazing TEXTURE that she and her artisans have created.  What dropped my jaw was the STACKS and STACKS of technique books we were shown on the tour of The Factory! All techniques identified by number, etc. Even these lovely large binders are covered in the signature cotton jersey! A Closer Look
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A Visit to Alabama Chanin: Part IV: The Clothing Re-visited:

Chanin-New Line
At  Alabama Chanin, the White on White Garments were AMAZING. Call them Bridal, Pure, whatever, but they were absolutely breath-taking studies in texture.  For more details on the business portion of Alabama Chanin, please read my Blog post of 9/22/17.   Beautiful Beaded Scarf - $1395   Jewelry Too! Subtelty at Its Best This beaded Taupe/Grey Princess Seamed  Dress was another of my favorites.  Pricetag: $5640.  Definitely 'Pottery Barn' colors, eh?
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A Visit To Alabama Chanin – Part III: The Clothing Collection

Of course, Alabama Chanin is known mostly for the CLOTHING! I'm publishing this post again today, with the photos resized down.  Many many thanks to reader, Diane, for letting me know that the full size photos were TOO big.  As I told her, this 'Techie' stuff is quite daunting, but a necessity for me to learn since I'm not doing the travel/teaching any longer as I used to.  Please know
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A Visit to Alabama Chanin Part II: The Home

wreath of strips
Today, I share with you the Alabama Chanin look for the HOME. It is a wondrous thing to see how a designer takes her 'medium' - in this case, cotton jersey, and interprets it in many ways and for many uses.  Natalie Chanin has done an amazing job in her Factory at Florence, AL where we visited this summer.  Let me share it with you... A bit of SILK has
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Visit to Alabama Chanin – Part I: Overview

Alabama Chanin Store
A visit to Alabama Chanin in Florence, Alabama This was a wonderful conclusion to our August vacation to New Orleans.  AND, my hubby even suggested it, saying: "Wasn't there someplace in northern Alabama that you wanted to go to sometime?"  Uh - YEAH!  So a quick hour detour later, we found the Alabama Chanin place of business: The Factory - so named because it had previously been a garment factory.his
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Quick & EZ Top from a Sweatshirt + T-Shirt…$5 eclass from Londa

T-Shirt + Sweatshirt Top
First eClass from Londa:  Quick & Easy Top from a Sweatshirt & T-Shirt Give me my sewing machine ANY day over computers, BUT BUT BUT, I DID IT!  This is the first of hopefully many more 'e-classes'.  WHAT is an e-class?  A series of photographs of the design and construction process, accompanied with my personal audio explanations for each photograph.  Ultimately, easier for me to produce and without the need
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Sewing Guild Show n’ Share

Cork Purse
When I moved to Jackson, TN last year, I gathered some new sewing friends and we started an independent 'club' - the Jackson Sewing Guild.  While still small, we generally average about 8-10 gals who love to sew.  We meet twice each month, with our first meeting a 'lesson' from someone and 'Show n Share'.  The second meeting is for working on the charity we have adopted:  Days for Girls.
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