Great Casual Jacket

Closeup of jacket – this was a scrumptious reversible wool/lycra blend from Charles Chang Lima – I used the grey pinstripe for the main fabric, and brought the hems to the front instead of the back to reveal the tan backside of the fabric. I couched grey yarns there for a smooth design transition…

Then, to carry through this accent of the reverse tan side of the fabric, I placed a seam at the fold of the front tuck on the pant and reversed the inside of that tuck – that is why the tuck looks light tan…. look closer at the pant photo…

from Londa’s design room

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  1. Isabelle says:

    It looks fabulous. Brilliant! The contrasting hem is such a neat idea. It looks as if the fabric had been designed for your pattern!

    Greetings from an avid French seamstress. 🙂

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