Super Simple Circle Cape

Super Simple Circle Cape

I’ve had sew much fun ‘knocking off’ this circle cape that I invested in while teaching out in Fresno a few weeks ago! I purchased fabric for SIX of them at JoAnn Fabrics for a bit over $100 – of course, with fabric on sale. I’ve timed myself, and each one takes me about 70′ to create, start to finish. Now that equals great gifts in my book!
As you can see in the image below, it can be worn either longer, or shorter, with the ‘cape’ over the shoulders and wide across the back, or all snuggled up at the neck. For fabrics, the red is a sweater knit, the heathery one is a luxury heavy polar fleece, and the teal is a reversible activewear sport knit. REQUIRED: lots of crosswise stretch, and reversible, or ‘pretty on both sides’. Before I forget, I’ll add to that requirement, TWO full bobbins, as the zigzag stitching truly eats up thread yardage. Make that polyester garment construction thread – NOT embroidery thread.
Fully tested, I even had my ‘older’ girls (6th-7th grade with some classes with me under their belts) stitch these up yesterday – and 2 hours was perfect! Mother of the gal in the red one reported that she wore it all evening til she had to go to bed. It’s a L-O-N-G way around the perimeter of this HUGE circle, so it definitely taught them persistence, and how to ‘boss the fabric around’ as they perfected turning, tucking, and stitching all at once. I always tell them 2 great things about sewing: 1. That they’ll be great drivers once they are old enough to get their license. 2. That though they can’t boss their parents/teachers around, fabric NEEDS to be told what to do. Thankfully, they both selected heathery knits that hide a multitude of stitching ‘wobbles’! But that was a lesson too. (For them AND for me as I guide them in fabric selection.)
Let me add that I wore my purchased sweater knit version nearly every day in beautiful but brisk 40-60 degree weather on our Williamsburg vacation a few weeks ago – and got MANY compliments on it as well.

To read the full post with pattern and How-To’s, click on this link:

kids sewing capes

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