ReCycle Sewing: Sweatshirt + Sweater

I’m ‘organized’ now – and it’s time to get started! Unity – the design where you slash around the middle of the sweatshirt and add a ‘different’ bottom is the one that says to me it wants to be used with this grouping of a Brass USA Comfort Color Sweatshirt, this great hunk of oriental cotton fabric, black yarn to couch, a black chenille striped sweater (from Goodwill), and oriental coins and ‘things’ as you see in the picture to the right.

The challenge here is that the sweatshirt is a 2XL. My duct tape double is not a 2XL – more like a 10/12. So – don’t expect it to all look ‘fitted’ on the pictures. Eventually, I sell all my samples and I need to offer a wide size range. Also – as I design for patterns, I want to include all size ranges – offering attractive designs and guidance for a wide range of sizes. I think that is – as Martha Stewart says, “A Good Thing”.

To the left, you can see my beginning – I’ve cut the sweatshirt apart in the middle – with angles, going down at the center front and back. That’s the lower band around the neckline.
To the right above, you see that lower band embellished with small pieces of the feature fabrics described above.
Below, you see where I stopped yesterday – the bottom half is totally the bottom half of that chenille striped sweater. I thought I was creating a jacket with a LONG bottom half. Hmmmm – totally FRUMPY! Proportions are all wrong – as the right hand of this shows. Raising it up – AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! And what a good example for the principle I teach of proportion. Read all about it in my books on CD and DVD, and in my patterns. Today – I plan to finish this jacket and get on with yet another one.
I’m all set up in basement (messy, yet creative) space to create, stitch, and then hop over to my laptop set up on my old ironing board with stool, to type the ‘guts’ of this new pattern. THIS is my ‘heaven on earth’ – second only to spending time with my family – most especially these days with 2.5+ year old grandson Cole – reading to him. I promise some pictures soon….

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  1. janie says:

    Londa, the blog is great-a nice mix of pictures and thoughts, showcasing your creative process. I am enjoying your creative discovery and can appreciate the work that you put into every pattern you create! Thank you!

    The only comment that I have on link you provided to the home page is that the page is long for a casual browser. You have a wonderful menu that takes the user to places that they would want to go. For example, the 2 testimonials regarding your service are wonderful but my eye skips them because I know that I can find testimonials when I get to feeling that now I want to buy one of your products. You sell yourself very, very well and I do believe what you are writing. I guess I am saying, don’t do overkill–you have not only great products but I do believe you when you say that you will get back to me in 2 hours or less! :0)

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