Artisan Interviews: Vintage Linens and Leather + Snoop Shopping for Inspiration

I am so amazed at the creativity buried in us humans!  Lenore and Sophia are artisans creating clothing and accessories  – truly up-cycle at its finest.  With linens from yesteryear and animal skin…. how clever they are!  Enjoy the final 2 interviews I did with clever people at the Craft Fair held in Centennial Park in Nashville, Tn June 15-17, 2018.


In all my years of sewing, I’ve only ever patched with leather a bit and I made a pig leather purse once LONG ago, but it sure is on my Bucket List!  Oh Oh Oh how I wanted that green jacket shown in the video!


Creativity is just seeing ideas and using them in a new way.  I loved this drapey jacket in a tan suede with this ‘maxi’ embroidery.  Even my old Pfaff 7550 sewing machine can do large embroidery like this, and I KNOW all the fancy embroidery machines can do it as well.  See how it defines the lines of the drape?  I would have added some around the back neckline or up some ‘princess’ seam lines though to carry the decorative theme to the back of the jacket.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the $254.00 price tag on these jeans that really just had 4 rows of fringe stitched to the bottom! Gee- aren’t you glad you sew?  AND…if you don’t, it’s about time you learned, eh?

Fringe Trim on Jeans


Likewise, these black jeans sported a raw-edged flounce at the hemline.  AND…. $220.00!  Check out the video I’ll place below for the How-To’s of creating a flounce!  In this case, it would mean measuring the distance you want the flounce to cover, then making that the circumference of the INSIDE of a ‘donut’ or ‘tire’ of fabric.

Flounce Hem on Jeans   


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