Blogger Visit Week – Rhonda Buss

Concluding my week of posts sharing my favorite sewing Blogs:

Rhonda Buss has a WONDERFUL Blog – and I would have to say, my favorite.  I always open her Blog Post emails that come to my inbox right when I see them if I have time.  Then again, sometimes I wait for the evening to treat myself to her fashion and life inspiration.  She even shares her cooking from time to time – and it’s a healthy variety.

Rhonda Buss

I met Rhonda years ago at the Novi American Sewing Expo.  About a year ago, I contacted her and struck up an on-going friendship.  Chatting with Rhonda, she inspired me to become more active with my own blogging.  For that encouragement, I am most grateful – as this has been a delightful experience.

Below, you’ll find a link to a recent and VERY interesting post of hers.  I don’t know where she finds all of her unique fashion photos, but they are amazing and different.  I’m happy she knows ‘where to go’ to find these,  sorts through them , then shares on her blog offering her intriguing inspiration.  Read all the way to the end of this post of hers, and you’ll also find one of her great recipes.

Rhonda has gathered her sewing and fashion Tutorials HERE.  She even has plans to fly her plane (yep, she’s a pilot TOO), down here to west TN to interview yours truly sometime in the near future. To view her interesting interviews with others in the fashion and sewing world, check out her full You-Tube channel, Sew Bussted HERE .

Sew…I do hope you take time to enjoy an entire Blog post of Rhonda’s.  I’ll stick a few photos from Rhonda’s post here below to encourage you to click over  HERE to read.  This post was on fancy pants and I found what can be done to pants by top designers to be VERY  interesting.  Here are my 2 favorites.

grey side drape pant

interesting seaming on pantYOUR TURN

Comment below to share YOUR favorite sewing Blogs.  Do any of you listen to sewing podcasts?  Just wonderin…as I continue to explore ‘business’ from home instead of in the car and on planes!  Sadly, I do find that I have to moderate Comments to keep the crazy (and lewd) comments filtered out.

We’ve been having a great time with 12-year-old grandson this week here with us in TN.  Tomorrow, he’ll get to help me do his mother’s mending!  I’d bring the machine I gave her back here for use with my sewing students in the Sunroom Sewing Studio, but then…if she doesn’t even have a machine, she’ll NEVER do it herself.  Right?  Some life skill learning for him is in store.

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