When, Where & How-To Clip, Notch, Grade, Trim Seam Allowances and Corners as You Sew

If you think you ALWAYS trim corners as you sew…that is WRONG!  I learned this all-important and reasonable rule from Claire Schaeffer way back in 2003 when I had her as the last guest teacher of my retail storefront days.  Watch and understand:


Clarification of Trimming, Notching, Grading & Clipping

If clipping, trimming, grading, notching seam allowances and corners further mystifies you – be sure to watch this FULL video about it all.  I’ve done my best to make sense of this ‘engineering’ with fabric.

One thing I’ll add is that if you are notching a very lightweight, sheer fabric, and/or you are notching a very heavy fabric, you should stagger the notching, doing just 1 layer of the seam allowance, then move to the other layer just a bit next door, then back to the first seam allowance….this will accomplish the same thing, but will distribute the notching to yield a more uniform depth to the seam allowance.


Have these tasks challenged you in the past?  Did this help?  Do you have any tricks you want to share?  Please comment below.




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  1. Suzie says:

    Thank you very much Londa! I have been sewing for almost as long as you & I have been clipping & notching & cut the seam allowance closer to the seam as needed, but I really didn’t know what “grading” was…It makes perfect sense to me & you made it sound so simple. Thank you again for your tutorials. That is the great thing about sewing, there is always something new to learn!!!

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