Couture Outlet Snoop Shopping-United Apparel Liquidators

United Apparel Liquidators is a Couture Outlet that every sewer needs to know about.  You’ll not find any better ‘snoop shopping’ as I call it than what your eyes will feast on at this chain of stores.

Discovering this store walking down Chartres Street in New Orleans on our recent vacation was a real treat.  Of course, I snapped lots of pictures of what caught my eye – and I’m happy to share those with you in this and tomorrow’s posts.

3-Holed Vest

This looks SEW SEW simple to do!  Asking then how it as to be worn, the cute worker a happy to model this piece.  Sorry – I forgot to take a note/picture of the price tag.

alt="3 Hole Vest Looks LIke"

Note how the straight end cascades below her left arm.

3 Hole Vest

Diagonal Flounce Top

So So simple – again!  I promise – the exact how-to’s for adding this flounce to a simple jewel neck, darted top are found in my Flirty Flounces pattern HERE                                       alt="diagonal flounce top"alt="diagonal flounce top"

I also taught the basic principles in my episode for It’s Sew Easy

Small Details Make the Difference

The shoulder detail on this yellow top caught my eye. Follow these simple steps to add a similar detail to your garment.

  1. Again – simple, simple, simple.
  2. Decide the finished size and shape.
  3. Cut, adding 1/4″ seam allowance.
  4. Interface upper side with a fusible.
  5. Turn right side out.Add a buttonhole.
  6. Stitch to inside, wrap around armhole, and fasten with a button.

alt="shoulder tab"   alt="inside shoulder tab"

Underlined Exposed Lapped Seams

I did a double-take at this velvet sleeveless and waisted dress.  Look closely and Yes, you’ll realize that the white raveled edges on the neckline and princess seams is the white woven muslin-type underlining!!!!!  I can’t say I liked it – not one little bit, but also don’t miss the price tag… $1195 to start!

alt="raw cotton and velvet lapped seams"

Angled Darts and Seams

The ‘lines’ on this white knit dress truly intrigued me.  They certainly show how a solid fabric can show off unique ‘lines’.

alt="darts and angles dress"

ACCENT Fabric Top

The use of 2 fabrics, one with real character that I see as the ‘Accent’ fabric, got my attention in this top.  The day before, I purchased 1/2 yard of a lovely French fabric that was $66/yard.  I think this utilization will be my inspiration for how to use that fabric.  Stay posted! Since you likely can’t see the price tag, it started at $1020 and was reduced to $390.  Still too steep for my budget!

alt="Accent Fabric Top"   alt="Accent Fabric Top Back View"

Here’s more information on this store:  United Apparel Liquidators.  Be sure to read this New York Times article on the store and its history.

business card UAL stores

My next post will offer more inspiration from this great couture clearance store.


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  1. I always love to see posts which depict the “inspiration” garment and then their rendition! This place is full of such inspirations – thanks for sharing this interesting place Londa!

  2. Elvia Beeman says:


    I had already sent you an email earlier, but I had not received any answers yet.

    I have a question, i see a lot of products in this store I have made a screenshot of some products, that you also sell in your webshop. But there items are 41% cheaper, well my question is what is the difference between your webshop ,is it the quality or something else, I hope you can answer my question.

    Elvia Beeman

    “Sent from my Smart Phone”

    • admin says:

      Honestly I can’t see your screenshot. Could you please send it to me via email at:
      However, I can tell you that as the ‘small guy’ out here in the BIG WORLD, I get my notions from several sources and take the customary increase in order to conduct my business. I seek to share LOTS of information – sewing HOW_TO’s, and that takes time. Nothing in life is FREE. I offer what I can, with as much extra as I can at a price that is fair. Your choice is whom to support based on what you value: price or total service. Thanks for writing.

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