Up-Cycle Garment Sewing Projects from Londa

Below, find a summary of the garments I’ve made (and blogged on) featuring up-cycle sewing…going back several years.  Numbers at beginning of links below correspond to the numbers on the images.

  1. https://blog.londasfiles.com/sewing-thermal-t-cyled-top/
  2.  https://blog.londasfiles.com/cycled-scarf-bottomed-jeans-skirts/
  3. https://blog.londasfiles.com/t-shirt-tailored-shirt-stylish-cycle-top/
  4. https://blog.londasfiles.com/2-t-shirts-ez-raglan-peasant-top/
  5. https://blog.londasfiles.com/bobbin-work-shirred-tie-simple-t-top/
  6. https://blog.londasfiles.com/londas-sewing-blog-moving-new-website/


7.  https://blog.londasfiles.com/walking-pouch-t-shirt-full-sewing-directions-londa/

8 thru 12.  https://blog.londasfiles.com/design-time-londa-project-survey/

For a Summary of garments I’ve recently created for sale in my collection:  A Londa Original, click HERE.

I have a brand new social media sharing group:  Up-Cycle Sewing at the new Facebook ALTERNATIVE:  MeWe.  This group is exploding with members right now.  As I write this, we are 620 Member strong.  Check out MeWe.com   as it’s SO much nicer, more American and FREE than Facebook.  No spying, no censorship, no ADS!  Try it – you’ll love it, like I do!



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