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2018 is off to a very creative and FUN beginning!  I spent the first few days digging into my stash AND got 1/2 price at the local Thrift Store on New Years Day.  I also pulled several garments from my closet that I haven’t been wearing and added them to my ‘up-cycle’, ‘re-make’ stash.  I taped a ‘tour’ with some how-to’s for organizing…plus some ‘reasoning’ for WHY we sew!!!

Creative Sewing FUN!

As of today, Jan. 8, I’ve created 2 sweater ‘mish mash’ projects, added to a thrift shop top, and converted a top and skirt into a great tunic top.  I’m awaiting the arrival of some great metal closures for the sweater up-cycle projects, and a bit of handwork remains, but see some pictures below.

neutral sweater front    neutral sweater back   green sweater mishmash  


This sweater ‘mish mash’ project is in preparation for an episode on the TV series:  It’s Sew Easy.  I’ll be traveling to Cleveland to tape 3 episodes in early February.  As I worked on these sweater ‘mish mash’ projects, I was making notes and taking video – like crazy.  I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it was.  The neutral sweater belonged to my late brother, so it is extra special.  The green one was totally from the Thrift Store as well – costing me $6.00.  Even if I’d paid regular total price of $12 – that’s a BARGAIN!!

Would this be an information  ‘product’ that would interest you?  If so – please email me at , or comment below.


Since the longer tunic length for tops has become so prevalent, I’m hard at work on a new ‘pattern’.  Exciting how-to’s for lengthening and shaping and adding total new style to ‘regular’ length knit tops like my Terrific T Top pattern.  Below are just the first few examples.  Shaped hems, additions, flounces, gathers, cascade hemlines, layers……you get the idea.   Release date?  At my booth at the Atlanta Original Sewing & Quilt Expo March 8-9-10 where I’ll be vending and teaching, followed by the Lakeland event March 15-16-17 as well.  Classes are now available for both shows if you are in the area and have interest.  I’d love to see you in my classes and at my booth!   My hubby talked me into this, and I finally agreed as it will get us to FL where I can see my sister and her family.

thrift shop re-make

       top and skirt to start with      BECOMES  top + Skirt = Tunic  green tunic back

Meeting deadlines with these projects means I’ll likely be blogging LESS during January and February.  However, I’d LOVE to hear from you regarding topics for my posts.  Comment below.

What are YOU sewing to start 2018?  I’d love to hear/see.  Please comment below, and send me pictures as attachments to


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