Draping & Design = New Border Print Tunic Top

One of the fabrics I purchased last year from www.marcytilton.com finally has seen ‘life’ when I took a weekend recently to design and drape using this unique lace printed border print.

trimming excess capelet during draping

I endeavored to video this myself for you with the goal of encouraging you to do the same. At the end of my video, I do share that a dress form is really vital to this type of fun. However, it can just be approximately ‘you’ – it does NOT have to be exact – IMHO. What I’m using is my Duct Tape Double that I made using the method that Jean Haas taught at my shop back in 2003. https://www.mydressforms.com/product-page/clone-yourself-a-dressform

I fully give Jean the credit for this system – which has since been copied over and over. Fully worth a weekend of fun with some friends to accomplish making your own! With PVC pipe, Lazy Susan Base, a Pillow, and Duct Tape PLUS a friend – you, too can have your own ‘you’.

While I made the arms, I long ago cut them off of my form! I’m actually more trim these days (eating a heart-healthy diet to support hubby), but the height, shoulders, basic form is truly me.

I fully understand that the camera wiggles – I just don’t see a way around that as I try to do this all by myself.  For the pattern, I just used my Terrific T Top Pattern, lengthening as I desired, cutting with some extra width as my fabric allowed.


Oh – and when looking through my ‘sew next’ bins today, I found my receipt from www.marcytilton.com from August 29 2019.  I spent only $15.30 on the fabric for the body of this tunic!  Marcy sells in 1/2 yd increments and I orderd 2 which equals 1 yard!  It was on regularly $18/yard, marked down $15.30/yard!  As I state in the Video description, if you find this helpful and would like more videos of my creative sewing process- please comment below, or at the Video on YouTube.

I know – I’ve already heard that adding a photo of myself in the garment would be appreciated – and I’ll try to get hubby to do that asap.  When I have it, I’ll add to this Blog Post.  Thanks!

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