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Sometimes you happen upon other Creative Sewists  who just create in very inspiring ways.  Though I’ve never met her personally, when I receive an email that she has posted a new Blog, I GO THERE IMMEDIATELY!  I know for sure that I’m in for some inspiring work.  Gayle Ortiz is a fan of 2 of my favorite people:  Marcy Tilton and Diane Ericson.  During my shop years, I was so very lucky to have them both come to present at my store, and I owe them both SO much regarding the direction of my own sewing pleasure.

Gayle Ortiz Banner

Gale Ortiz has attended several of Diane Ericson’s Design Outside the Lines Retreats in the southwest – something for SURE on my own Bucket List!

Here are some photos from her recent work with T-shirts.

Vogue 9130 T Top Vogue 9130_back  Vogue 9130_T-Shirt 2

Even though she used Vogue 9130, I can see what was done, and where fullness was added from the line drawings at Vogue – so I’ll be just using that ‘info’ and applying what I see pattern-wise to my own Terrific T Knit Top Pattern.  Cutting a pattern on a line you’ve drawn and adding seam allowances, slashing into a portion and adding flare at the hemline – not too hard!  Watch for my process in upcoming blogs.

LIne Drawings for Vogue 9130    Terrific T Knit Top pattern

Here is a collection of my favorites from Gayle’s creative sewing.  Comment to let me know what you think!

monochromatic hand stitching detail stenciling and free motion stitching  bias plaid back section to Tunic Coral combination T Raw Edges Tunic tie-Dyed T

Next week I PROMISE MYSELF that each morning I will SEW!!!  For MYSELF!!!!  The afternoons will find me teaching several girls in Spring Break Camp, and I think it will be inspirational to show them what I accomplish every day.

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  1. Thank you Londa for that reference to Gayle! I got lost in her creations I must admit. I have several of Marcy and Katharine Tilton’s patterns and I agree with you that many of the ideas featured you could really add on yourself to a simple Tee pattern especially if you have one that fits you well. It’s getting that great fit that’s the challenge. I look forward to reading your how-tos in the future. Your videos are just so full of great ways to work with knits I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

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