Fun with Texture Magic

Played quickly with Texture Magic this morning. I selected this wonderful oriental print that I currently have available HERE because it had easy stitching lines to follow to stitch the fabric to this ‘miracle’ fabric. There is no indication on the package of the type of fiber it is (no surprise) – but it is slick, and sure feels like acetate or nylon or some mixtre to me. See on the site triangle to the side my stitching pattern following the print. Then – white side up, I just held my steam iron right over it and WALA – it shrank up amazingly – creating the bubbled area you see in the middle of the photo. THEN – from the right side of the fabric – the cotton print – I pressed it – squishing the textue flat – and I still like it as well. In clothing – as embellishment – I figure it would end up smooshed flat anyway.
This 1/2 yard piece will become the front and back yoke and perhaps cuffs or something on a new Creative Sweatshirt Jacket. For now – as I’m PLENTY busy packing, playing with new notions, etc. this is all the time I have to play.
Wanted to share this though – amazing stuff!

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