great clothes at shows

At the sewing expos – I always keep my camera handy.  I think sewing women dress great!  There are always wonderful ideas to glean – sometimes from garments they have created, and sometimes from garments they sheepishly admit that they purchased!

This was a wonderful jacket made of a reversible knit.  Note how it was exposing the lighter side as the pleated edge was attached.


AND the great thread-wrapped inset piping along the center fronts.




Note the added little ruffle inserted in the armhole top seam.  I’m seeing this more and more lately – some emphasis on the cap of  sleeves.
Center back seam shows exposed inside of this double-sided knit fabric by stitching it wrong sides together rather than right sides together.  SEW simple!

 A beautifully striking silk dupioni jacket by a sewer.  She looked stunning!  I believe she said it was a Vogue pattern.Posted by Picasa

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