Teaching at Houston International Quilt Festival – 11/3/10

I taught my first class yesterday – a 3 hour class on my sweatshirt jackets…starting out with my ‘Frumpy to Wow’ Design Principles class, then my Creative Journey program where I walked them through several jackets’ design inspiration and construction. My students called it a ‘sleeper’ class – explaining that they loved it all and got so much more than they expected. That was great to hear – and a wonderful way to start this last show of the year for me. Their feedback also has led me to conclude that I will propose a hands-on all day class for next years’ Festival. It was wonderful to have Carol in the class to help out too – and the wonderful staff in the Faculty Center are amazingly helpful and a great, safe place to keep teaching supplies.

We had a lazy start to this long day because we were lucky enough to get in quickly yesterday and got in 4 hours’ work after my morning class. We finished setting up the booth from noon to 4 when the ‘Preview’ hours started and went til 10…!!!!

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to my Trunk Show class from 2-3 in the ballroom! Reporting more tomorrow……

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