Londa’s Jacket in Sew News Magazine!

Londa's Sew News Sweatshirt Jacket

Londa’s Sew News Sweatshirt Jacket – photo by Brent Ward

I’m tickled pink to have one of my creative sweatshirt jackets in the current Sew News Magazine (Feb-March 2013 issue)!!!!

Comment here – or on my business Facebook account and email me at londa@londas-sewing.com and I’ll send you a coupon code for FREE SHIPPING on your order of $30 or more – good through January 31, 2013!!! 


This design is original for Sew News using an old scarf for embellishment.  It even features my famous additional Talking™ version at the link given in the article!

I don’t even have my hands on a copy yet – as it doesn’t seem to have hit the news stands – (I looked at JoAnn’s, Hancock’s, and Barns & Noble yesterday hunting for it!) but subscribers have it.  They promised my comp copy would go in the mail today…

Get YOUR Sew News Copy at this link:  http://www.shopsewitall.com/product/sew-news-february-march-2013/magazine-issues

I you’re ordering, consider adding my Creative Sweatshirt Jacket – Book 2   that their store carries at this link:  http://www.shopsewitall.com/product/creative-sweatshirt-jackets-londas-way-book-2/books-ebooks

Creative Sweatshirt Jackets..Londa's Way Book 2

Creative Sweatshirt Jackets..Londa’s Way

With my book, you would have the how-to’s to create a closer fit with the shoulder at the natural shoulder line with my Method 2 of fit and the pattern pieces included in the back of the book – AND full directions for 10 more jacket!!!  You’d need a 2XL sweatshirt to do this – as you think of the sweatshirt as just ‘FABRIC!’  I ONLY use 8% cotton 20% polyester sweatshirts of top quality and they can be ordered from me at this link:  http://www.londas-sewing.com/Sweatshirts-c21.html

To keep edges from stretching out of shape – and hems from rippling, you REALLY need these Fusible Stay Tapes.

Save by buying both Straight and Knit versions at this link…http://www.londas-sewing.com/Straight-and-KnitStretch-Fusible-Stay-Tapes-p25148.html

Ohh – and if you want to save a full 20%, get the book from ME WITH the 2 stay tapes at this link:  http://www.londas-sewing.com/Creative-Sweatshirt-JacketsLondas-Way-Book-2-PLUS-1-each-Fusible-Stay-Tape-p25157.html

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3 Responses

  1. J. R. says:

    I loved your article… Ordering a bunch of stuff today, can’t wait to try my luck

  2. J. R. says:

    I loved your article… Ordering a bunch of stuff today, can’t wait to try my luck

    • Londa says:

      Thanks! You’ll find my Talking Patterns VERY wonderful to help you as you design and stitch – as it is like I’m right there, with you!

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