Londa’s Way of Setting in Sleeves just posted on YouTube

Yea – finally had my son tape me setting in the sleeves on the linen jacket I made using my Chosen pattern collar design and embellishment. I need to finish that Blog post as well – but I’ve been VERY busy on my new pattern: Genesis Too™!
Anyway – go see it at the Free Info Tab at my site…at this link: Londa’s Way of Setting in Sleeves – It’s all in the Fingers!
Try it – I think you’ll like it – and let me know how it goes for you!

Perhaps I can just embed it here – I’ll try – Ahhh I see it worked!

Your comments HERE and at YouTube much appreciated! Also – if you have questions- ask away!

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Many thanks for sharing this sleeve setting technique. Amazing – it only takes 6.5 minutes to sew. Of course there is prep, but not so much as what I've been doing. Plus the outcome looks terrific. Your oral narrative is great. The digital clarity is great. My only criticism is that the camera person needs to focus more on where the needle is – what's actually happening there. I couldn't see much of your skill with the pointer tool because the focus was at the bottom-left corner of the machine at that point. Still I have a good idea of what you were doing and I'm aching to give it a whirl. Thanks again, I'm really grateful.

  2. Bre Mahaney says:

    The problem with the picture was not the videographer, but the size of this video screen. Click on the video & it takes you to youtube, where you can see the entire width of the picture. Londa, I am so excited about trying this out. I know it'll take some practice, but is so much less prep and seems to do the job more cleanly than putting in 200 pins! lol. I attended your class at the Cincinnati Expo and loved it. I'll be looking for all your hints and youtube clips! Videos sure make things easy to learn. Thanks sooooo much!!

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