Masks for Millions – Sewing Instructions

Sun 3/22  noon CST – working on a simplification of the sides and elastic insertion – stay tuned! 

After a day of testing, writing, refining… are my step-by-step directions for a Face Mask with a disposable filter made from a hi-grade furnace filter. Twist Tie wires add shaping to both the top ‘over the nose’ edge and under the mouth.  In my directions, I share the 2 YouTube Videos (with links) with the best directions and ideas that I utilized to test and refine, writing step-by-step directions.

My medical professional friends have all said that these would be very welcome at rural hospitals and nursing homes and for personal use. Please understand, these do NOT equal the n95 masks but are definitely useful. Note the ‘TN orange’!

If you make any masks and share them, be sure to tag with #masks4millions

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6 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    Thank you Londa. Your instructions are very clear and the furnace filter idea is genius. I’m going to make some for my family and then branch out to others.
    Keep safe

    • admin says:

      AS OF 3/22 NOON – I’m working on some further simplifications for the sides and elastic insertion, so for now if you are cutting:
      just change size of these directions to 15″ x 10″ and no bias bindings needed. I’ll post changes and new pictures at the same link as soon as I get them ready.

  2. Sandi Webrand says:

    Have been unable to download either of the files.

    • admin says:

      I think you need to have Adobe Acrobat on your computer to download PDF files.
      I’m sorry, too long for me to put anywhere else, I think, but I can try to send to you directly in a WORD file if you want. Email me directly: if you’d like me to try, and think you can open that.
      There are oodles of good how-to’s out there online. Bless you for helping.

  3. Katrina Fournier says:

    They are now saying they need different fabric for the inside vs the outside so they can quickly determine which side was towards their face. Also, I think directions need to talk about using t-shirts for ties as elastic and knit bias tape are hard to come by.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your input. There are oodles of how-to’s out there. These just worked for us and those Senior facilities that requested them I think that it would be pretty obvious which is the inside with the pocket opening right there. Some do use T-Shirt fabric, yes. Bless you for wanting to help. Go for it!

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