Mermaid Tail Blankets for Children & 18″ Dolls

These days find me doing some really FUN sewing in preparation for an up-coming Doll Sewing Class for kids. Oh my heart aches to be able to snap a picture of my 2 1/2-year old granddaughter and her ‘dolly’ in what I’ve created, but  she lives a days’ drive away and her Mommy is just a little busy packing up the house to move even further away.

Sew…here is a picture from the original designer of these great Mermaid Tail Blankets, along with some on my daughters’ 18″ doll that lives at my house – Molly I think she is

mermaid tail blankets for child and 18" doll

As stated in the image, and at the beginning of my Blog Post – which is posted in full at my NEW Blog at this link:

My directions are my ‘refinements on this great pattern from Made for Mermaids that I originally found at Pinterest.  The pattern is FREE…and it is clear at the link given in my complete blog post how to ‘order’ it at zero cost at their website.


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