New Orleans Machine Embroidery Inspiration

In my dreams, the day will come when I can ‘get into’ the embroidery capabilities of my Brother machine.  Til then, I’m always on the lookout for different applications of that feature to file away and to share with those of you who are so talented along those lines.

Here are some great ideas – small and big from our recent visit to New Orleans.


The Trefoil emblem is all over New Orleans.  These days, they say that it represents renewal after Katrina of 2005. This set of linen coasters caught my eye.  The simple embroidery in the iddle, embroidered with some hem-stitching.  On the backside, you can see that it has mitered corners.  The change I would make is to have added a second layer – perhaps even with some padding, under the center to really function as a coaster.

                                 Trefoil_Coaster   coaster_backside


Giving Tree Gallery on Sarasota truly had the MOST UNIQUE lampshades.   They are made by 2 sisters, one on each coast of the USA.  One does the lampshades, the other does the hand-blown bases.  Click over to that link above to read more about them.

At first I thought the shades were all hand embroidered, but with the lampshade below – I thought:  MACHINE EMBROIDERY!!!  These weird-shaped shades were what initially caught my attention.  I checked out how to make lampshades on YouTube – pretty intriguing.   embroidered lampshade


So often, embroidery embellishment is at the top of front of a garment, that this hem embellishment in a BIG way caught my eye.

embroidered hem on dress


And…I AGREE WITH THIS, having re-located from IL to TN…


My thoughts:  keep your phone/camera ready and your eye open for ideas of how to use that capability in which you have invested!  Set up an alb um in your Photos app, or on your computer and put them there!  We all have so many pictures and so much information these days, that, if you are like me – you have stuff EVERYWHERE!  I could spend weeks and weeks just trying to get it all organized.  Me?  I’d rather be sewing………….

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