Project Runway

I watched the premier episode while working today – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that they re-run it!
I, too thought the winner was amazing – I had marked his and Ping Wu’s as my 2 favorites.
I loved the detail work on the bodice – which appeared to be impeccably executed – the juxtaposition of the geometry and the circular designs – how the geometry of the top echoed the geometry of the print – and yet how the full circle (appeared) skirt echoed the shape of the motif in the print…then how those dark bands swinging (did they – or were they ‘attached’ to the skirt?) pulled – connected the darks in the bodice down into the skirt.
I truly feel that this season’s talent takes us back to the level – if not even above – that of the initial season.
Pin Wu’s no ‘Hanger appeal’? Sew – if I had a store – a boutique, you bet your booties I’d put her garments on a mannequin and they’d sell – sell – sell! I thought her model was far too dull for her design though…hope she selects a more dramatic one to match her style next time!
HOW they do this all that quickly is BEYOND ME – my wildest imaginations!!!

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  1. Elaine says:

    Hi Londa!
    I googled creative + sewing blogs and your blog was number one so I clicked on it!
    I love that you are bold in claiming to love the Lord Jesus!
    I do too!
    I love to sew and maybe soon will get some of my stuff on my site!
    Be blessed and I will come back often!
    And oh, yes, I love Project Runway.
    Why don't we do a Christian Project Runway!!!
    🙂 in Jesus,

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