Proof that Dark Colors Recede and Light Colors Advance

This UNIQUE video proves it, hands-down:

Dark Colors Recede and Light Colors Advance 

Watch and be convinced.  Then, apply this knowledge as you sew, create, and dress!

Personally this applies:

  •  With size 11 feet, I NEVER wear light-colored shoes, just for this reason.  I mean – WHY would I want to draw attention to my feet I ask.
  • Black pants are the staple of my wardrobe.  Makes the derriere look smaller.
  • For those of us with ‘hooded’ eyelids – dark in the ‘crease’ makes them look somewhat set in.  Same for eyeliner.  This video certainly proves that.
  • Light advances.  In this video  see how that creates her ‘nose’?

Click HERE to watch and be amazed!

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