Refashioning Fall Clothes for the Spring

Enjoy this contributed guest post written by Jany Harding.

“With the spring season in full swing, that means it’s time to update our wardrobes once again. But instead of buying new clothes, however, it’s much more interesting (and economically smart) to refashion pieces you already own. Not only will you be contributing to overall sustainability, but you’ll also get another chance to fall in love with your clothes all over again. Here are some creative and fun ways you can upcycle your garments for the season.

A Lovely Blouse

pajama pant to blouse refashion
> Nothing says spring better than a cute blouse. If you have a spare piece of woven pajama pants (bonus if it comes in an interesting color, like what you see at this  piece from Hanna Anderson, then you can totally rework that from the bottom up. Start by cutting along the in-seam so you can open up the legs, then unpick the waistband. If your pajama pants have pockets, remove and sew them closed. After, you can cut the sleeves along the hem of the pants and use the rest of the fabric to cut out the bodice.
At this point, your pieces should look like this:
pajamas to shirt pieces
Construct your shirt as seen in the right image. You can even add an embroidered floral patch or two for the ultimate spring vibe.

Off-shoulder Sweatshirt

simple sweatshirt re-make with lace
Sweatshirts are warm and mostly worn on particularly cold days. To turn it into something you can wear during spring, it needs to be breezier—and there’s nothing more ideal for that than an off-shoulder top. If you don’t know where to start, check out this tutorial on Bellatory.  She breaks down the process simply. Start by tracing a line from the center of the neckline to the top of the seam of the shoulder and cut it. From the excess fabric, cut two strips to use as spaghetti straps. Sew on some lace for that nice feminine touch.

Casual Sheath Dress

striped knit dress

If you have an old shirt dress lying around, then you can turn it into one of spring’s most elegant pieces: the sheath dress. It’s a very timely pick too, and as you can see, she has special hints for petite galsPretty Me lists this silhouette as one of the best trends of the year. After all, its figure-flattering cut makes it perfect for any body type, but more so if you’re petite. To start, simply draw your intended silhouette on your shirt dress and cut the excess fabric off. Then, sew the open sides back together. Note that sheath dresses are form-fitting, so keep that in mind before you begin.

Cute Midi Skirt for Kids
toddler skirt made from lady's scarf

If you have one too many scarves, you can upcycle them to make cute skirts for your little girls. Fold the scarf in half lengthwise, making sure that one hem comes down one inch farther than the other. Sew a casing around the top, but remember to leave a hole for your elastic. Insert the elastic, close the hole, and you’re done! A loosely-woven scarf is harder to sew, so try using a tight one like the scarves you can see HERE, like this houndstooth-printed scarf featured on Town & Country Mag. Alternatively, you can line the former with some quilting cotton to make it thicker.

Clothes get weary the longer you don’t use it. So if you have a sweater that’s too small, pajamas that are too old, or a dress that simply doesn’t fit your current style anymore, take it out of the wardrobe and turn it into something new.

For more sewing tips and refashioning ideas, check out some of our other blog posts on Londa’s Creative Sewing.”


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