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Last weekend we enjoyed Nashville, TN for our 46th wedding Anniversary.  One highlight was a juried craft fair in Centennial Park (an AMAZING park by the way!).  Join me to learn from these artisans…..

First up:  Tom from Lucy’s Toys.

I agree, his website isn’t fancy dancy, but what is offered – and at SUCH LOW PRICES in my opinion – is absolutely AMAZING! 

When I returned later to make my ‘Nana purchase’, (the bunny), I asked more about the polyester fur and he shared it runs them about $10/yard and that they must order 1000 yards at a time of a color!  Just think of the storage room that demands.  I’m still dumbfounded at the low pricing on these critters.  If you’ve EVER made any kind of doll or toy, I know you’ll agree….


And Next:  Jessica Rose from

I love anything dyed using nature.  Some day…. I’ll MAKE time to play with this myself.  After all, I even have water and a sink in my Sunroom Sewing Studio.  Til then – I love to check out other artists’ work.  Listen to how Jessica does it.


A few more interviews and some SNOOP Shopping coming up in my next blog post…..

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