Sewing Pin Selection & Storage, How To Use, and YES, You CAN Sew Over Pins!

All sewing pins are NOT created equal!   In this video, I share my favorite sewing pins and explain why.  What are my 2 favorite tools for storage of my all-important pins?  The Zirkel Pin Magnet and Ewesful Pin Cushion!  And……..tada:  YES, I DO sew over pins, and you can too.  Watch my video to hear me ‘state my case’.  As I share in the video, I’m sure I’ll get many comments – but each to his/her own!  I present this video with hopes that you may pick up some new ideas to make your sewing faster – and even MORE fun!

Below are links to the products shown in the video. Clover Glass Head Pins:… IBC Glass Head Pins:… Zirkel Pin Magnets:… Ewesful Pin Cushion:…

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3 Responses

  1. Linda Stoddard says:

    I,too sew over pins. At 72 years old and doing it all my over 60 years of sewing, that is a lot of
    Pins sewn over quite successfully. I have no plans to change.


    • admin says:

      Thanks for writing and you make very good points. I make it a strong habit to change my sewing machine needles per ever project, and to a needle appropriate for the project. I have so many pins open in my teaching Studio, that I suppose that is why I don’t experience about which you speak, but I certainly do see that as a valid point. Thanks again for sharing in this discussion.

  2. KayInMD says:

    I never thought sewing over pins would break my machine. And I often sew over pins, especially when they are holding particularly slippy/fussy pieces together. However, I have ruined a fair number of needles, and even more pins. Sewing over a pin is a good way to nick it. And unfortunately, I often don’t notice a pin is nicked until I slide it into a nice fabric where it snags and pulls threads. Nicked and bent pins are the reason I try to avoid sewing over them.

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