Sewing How-To’s for Elastic Waistlines, Necklines, and Hems

Here is a portion of one of two episodes that I taped for the It’s Sew Easy Series 1500 that uploads June 27 to PBS stations.
Find what I’ve taught here plus infinitely more in my 3 Disc DVD Set: Stretching Your Knit Sewing Know-How.  

Find the entire episode and many more at starting June 27.

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The key to my ‘Clean Snappy Finish’ is the clear elastic I handle called Lastin.  I searched, tested, and found this product that works perfectly. It is the perfect thickness and 3/8″ wide.  The important storage issue is to store clear elastic in a drawer, AWAY from light of any type, as light rots this product.  Installed as per my instructions, it is encased and is fine.  Find Lastin at this link here at my website.  

Be sure to not only watch, but to TRY my techniques!

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  1. Janice says:

    Very good. Really good information on sewing with knits.

  2. Dale Merwin says:

    Looks great! Wonderful presentation!!!! Thanks for sharing.

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