Silk Shirt + Fabrics On Top = NEW TOP/Jacket

Silk Shirt + Fabrics On Top = NEW TOP/Jacket

Find Your Base Garment

The original silk shirt from Rafaella (size Large) had a large grease spot on it. What to do? Cover it up to create a NEW TOP! The pin at the lower-left right front of the top marks the spot.

original shirt   Here is the top/jacket that I ended up with …

Collect Coordinating Fabrics

As I like to say: “I took a dive into my stash of fabrics.” In my Taupe Stash Box I found:

1. The legs of a Sewing Workshop Tahoe Pant pattern I’d made in a great textural wool

2. A cupramoniam rayon blouse I’d made – again in a pattern from The Sewing Workshop, and isn’t it weird that I remember the pattern name of it as well – The Origami Shirt. I guess I remember those pattern names because I sold the line of patterns from Linda Lee at my retail storefront.

3. A piece of silk jacquard on which I had done some stenciling during a workshop with Diane Ericson at my shop. Just a bit of that stenciling is seen on the left yoke.

AS you compare the starting shirt with my NEW Top, you can see that only the center front bands and sleeves remain exactly the same. All of the other fabrics have been stitched on OVER, ON TOP as you can see from these inside photos.

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