Standing Playing Card Holder

For young card players (and sometimes old as well!), this Holder may just be the key to hours of old-time card playing fun. It makes a great gift. Even sit down with a child to create this useful Holder. In my Wee Stitchers classes, a 6 year-old did just GREAT! The cool thing is that the plastic canvas makes it easy to achieve evenly placed stitches.


Londa’s Sunroom Sewing Studio

5 pieces of 9”x12” felt
1 – 12″X18″ Plastic Rug-Hooking Canvas
Size 18 Chenille Needle (my absolute favorite needle for kids to use on felt with perle cotton thread)
Perle Cotton Thread – all stitching is done with double thread.
1. Center Felt A on the canvas as shown. 4 1/2” uncovered canvas should be exposed at the top and at the bottom of the felt.

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