Stop ‘Shoulding’ myself to death!

God yelled at me yesterday! Through a book I was reading and finished up. One Tuesday Morning by Karen Kingsbury. It is wonderful. A hard one to read – as it deals with a story about 9/11 tragedy, but very meaningful. Yep – I’ve been on a treadmill to put out a DVD on embellishing techniques – but it has been driving me crazy – and my family. SEW…all on hold until later this summer, AFTER my daughters’ wedding! Right now, there’s nothing else I really want to be doing than tending to however she needs help with the wedding plans, and having fun with my 3 3/4 year old Grandson while he lives here in town!

I do have some of the new embellishment video preparation done and will film what I have soon, but the stress is off! I feel so much better! WHY do I do this to myself in the first place? I bet others of you do the same thing. WHY? Comments welcome…

Had a great day with my Carmen traveling to Chicago to Vogue Fabrics and 2 others on Saturday. Found ONE lace she loved, and can make it work to be enough for her all lace wedding gown! I made that gown over and over in my head that night. What FUN!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am copying this with permission from Kathy who wrote to me privately, not being sure if I wanted ‘Christian’ talk on my Blog. Certainly, I do – and I do approve all posts anyway – so anyone, feel free to comment – join in the discussion. Londa

    “Londa: The reason I think we take on too much is that talented and creative people can so so many things well and they want to do it all. Why? So they can help others be creative too. I have been in your shoes and they pinch a bit. I too made my daughter’s wedding dress AND the lace (very fine and detailed Battenberg) It took 8 1/2 months. I also grew the flowers, made the arrangements, made the maid of honor dress and hat, and prepared a dinner for 45 people at my home after the wedding. All this while holding down a full-time job with many demands and lots of travel. I LOVED very minute. I had a major let down when it was over. Some things at work were not done as well as they should have been, but the wedding was perfect! It was a matter of first things and important things first. This is a special time in your life and you will want to enjoy the process. Don’t be hard on yourself for putting aside a project so that you can focus on the wedding. All of us that have been through this give you permission!! And on more thing– Don’t forget to rest. I attend Bible Study Fellowship and we are studying the Life of Moses. The lesson last week was from Lev. 25 and it was about the Sabbath, the Sabbath Year and the Sabbath of Sabbaths (Jubilee Year). God loves rest. He did it as an example for us. It is very important. May the Lord richly bless you in all you do, Kathy “

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