Stretching Exercise to Combat ‘Old Lady’ Rounded Shoulders for Sewists & Desk Workers

I’d be scared to know how many hours I’ve spent in front of my sewing machine and computer over the years!!!  Since I do NOT want to go forth into my ‘golden years’ with a hunched back, forward ‘chicken neck’ posture and rounded shoulders,  one NEW YEAR’s RESOLUTION is to STOP at least every 30′ and do this STRETCH for at least a minute.  I’ll even set my phone timer to ‘remind me’ constantly.  YES I WILL, and you should join me!!

A Word Regarding Chiropractic Care for Health

This is my personal story – and label it ‘for what it’s worth’ (FWIW).  My parents often told how when I was young, I had SEVERE asthma, and Daddy would say he would sit by the crib or hold me wondering if I would get my next breath.  Realizing this was like 60+ years ago, they were at their whit’s end with what to do to get me better when a friend suggested the local chiropractor.

My parents listened.

We went.

My asthma went away.

Ever after that, chiropractic was our main mode of care.  Back then, it was only a ‘crack in the neck’ after running this ‘reading’ piece of equipment up my spine and seeing on the printout how crooked it went.  I recall our Doc. was a grad of the ‘Palmer Method’ .  But, I can tell you – when any of us were ill – with ANYTHING, off to the chiropractor we would go.  Mom could look us in the eye and say “You look pie-eyed.  You need an adjustment.”  The other ‘mom-diagnosis’ was to lay us on the floor and see if our legs were even down at our feet.  If not – off we went.  I’m a believer – and have been for a long time.  As I write this, I can feel them smiling at me from up in heaven!

Progress to Today’s Chiropractic Care

As with all types of health care, 60 years yields alot of progress.  While I can’t say that I’ve gone routinely, I CAN tell you that when my hubby has had back issues, and when I’ve finally given in to pain levels I couldn’t tolerate, that chiropractic has been the solution.

Last February, I painted the outside and inside of our kitchen cabinets.  (And by the way, though I like the look, and they were already painted and NEEDED a freshening here at our new TN home, I’d take back my wood finish cabinets ANY day!  It seems like I’m constantly wiping them down to look clean.)  Back to my back…..and my HIP.  Ever since that effort to save $$, my right hip has been terribly painful.  I went to a ‘regular’ Dr. who said it was bursitis and gave me a cortisone shot.  That helped for a week or so.  Got another shot later.  Same result.  Went off to physical therapy and ran through my Medicare benefit for that ‘occurrence’ without any relief.  They sent me to orthopedist.  No, it is not arthritis or degenerative anything.  When it kept waking me up at night with severe pain, I decided it was time to go see the chiropractor.  Insurance has paid some, and Medicare has paid some – but the majority of this several thousand dollar investment has been our responsibility.  And, it has taken alot of my TIME.

Therapy has included not only ‘adjustments’ or subluxations as I think they call them, but electronic stimulation,  a roller table, a warm heat paddle type of table (LOVE that!), prepping me for decompression which is not fun – but is stretching out my spine.  Also, a maintenance thing will be hanging upside down on the inversion table that we got when my hubby went through this. Oh – and several massages have been included in my treatment as well.

I would look for a chiropractic practice that does X-rays to begin with, and uses a combination of these treatments.

Chiropractic Training

When a guy has your head in his hands and is snapping your neck around, along with lots of other weird things like popping your back, you want to know that they know what they are doing!  Study this poster and realize that they are VERY trained.  As Dr. Steets shared with me today, they have more training in physiology and the body than medical Doctors – who have more emphasis on pharmacology (covering the pain).  We get free ionized water (alkaline condition of the body resists cancer), and other supplement suggestions from our clinic as well.

chiropractic training

Read more details regarding chiropractic care from the website of my doctors at the Jackson Chiropractic Clinic at THIS LINK.  


Altogether, over the last 2 months – YES, I feel much, much better. Hip pain does not wake me at night as I had put up with for 7+ months.  Though I’m not completely better yet,  am hopeful.  Along the way, I’ve learned how important core strength is.  I do 50 crunches every morning.  The exercise bike now lives in our bedroom and it will NOT become a clothes hanger.  Yes, I use it (and listen to Kay Arthur) as I go several miles about every other day.  MOST IMPORTANTLY,   I’ve learned that I also have upper back degeneration in my spine, very likely as a result of sewing and computer work.  Therefore, the stretch as Dr. Steets and Dr. Doster have shown me as in the video above WILL BECOME VITALLY NECESSARY EVERY DAY – SEVERAL TIMES A DAY!

Sew…….I Heartily Recommend

Please consider chiropractic care.  Like with all doctors, you need to shop!  Remember, doctors are NOT ‘gods’, but are providing a service to YOU, the customer!   Now that I’ve spent about 20 here at the computer – I’m going off to the doorway to do my shoulder stretches!!!!!

And oh – I intend to have a monthly MASSAGE – and it will be called a BUSINESS expense!  Happy New Year……..

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