Team ‘PJ Pants’ Transformed into Jacket Collar

Combining 2 of my pattern designs, Devoted for the collar design and Twin Set Tweaks for the cascade hemline helped me transform a pair of ‘team’ PJ Pants (in my case the Tennessee Vols) into a great jacket.  For the base pattern, these days I always find myself using my Terrific T pattern.  Follow along for a brief peek into the process…..


FIRST, I needed to cut the PJ pants into straight, useable pieces AND…how about the waistband to use as cuffs??? Note that I cut the waistband off WITH a seam allowance.  Alas, the T’s would be upside-down:  SHUCKY DURNIT!  But, I ‘saved’ them anyway for more fabric by getting ahold of the right stitch on the chain-stitched inside as you can see in the final photo.  This fabric DID end up getting utilized as the back belt.

  img_4942    img_4943   img_4960        img_4963                                           separate-the-legs

Read captions in the last photograph for details regarding the collar.  When a straight piece of fabric is set around a neckline it must stand on itself, creating the soft folds at the neck on either side as you see in the first full jacket photograph and the photo of the back neckline at the bottom of this post.

NEXT – it was time to consider trimming, embellishment options….

See the Basketweave fabric I bought at Jo-Anns, all pulled into fringe, and some orange hairy yarn, and some white Oliver Twist embellishment yarns…


Stitching the ‘Inside to Outside Corner’ of the cascade hemline on the jacket is a bit tricky, but I have great directions in the Twin Set Tweaks pattern – available HERE as a PDF.  which means you receive the pattern like NOW, and print it out yourself.  This ‘cascade’ hemline is SO flattering to al figures and VERY popular.  The pattern has NO PATTERN PIECES, but rather my great directions on HOW you can create this hemline on ANY pattern!  You can also see how I do this in an episode I taped for It’s Sew Easy TV.  Find that episode at my YouTube Channel HERE.

img_4964 FINISHING DESIGN WORK.  My creative garments have to ‘evolve’ over several sewing sessions – meaning I try something, let it ‘set’ awhile, snap some photos to ‘see’ it clearly, take a break and then come back to it another time.  See how the final back transformed using the Waistband pieces that I’d ripped apart from the elastic, washed and pressed from a tie version to twisted…

You can also see in these photos the released tucks I took at the back to make the back fit closer.  Let YOUR body tell you how to ‘fit’ for figure flattery.

                                                                                      img_4986     img_5302

COLLAR APPLICATION is part of my Devoted Talking Pattern where I’ve created a sweatshirt jacket using my late Dad’s Cardinal PJ Pants….

                                                                                    devoted      dev_cardinal

I found it was best to help keep the collar in place with some hand tacking at the fronts, and ‘stitch-in-the-ditch’ at the center back as shown below….

                                                                                           img_5303    img_5304

The French Terry I used for the jacket base was found at…… (no surprise) – JoAnn’s Fabrics!  They seem to have a steady stock of this great fabric in lots of colors.  Do NOT miss this great fabric, and have fun using BOTH sides in a garment as I have done.

                                                                                img_5307  img_5300

You can see in the photos above a couple of things:

  1.  How I couched a yarn along the seam line where the sides of the fabric change.

      2. How I took some cross-grain strips of a simple grey T-Shirt, pulled on the strips to make them curl, then braided them together to create the closure.

      3. Two Large clear JUMBO SNAPS  hold the left front in place over the right front.  Then, the braided pieces actually are in a loop underneath that button that really does stretch adequately to loop around the button.

  Years ago, in IL, I had ‘Londa’s IlliniWear and made it into a lucrative side business creating jackets like these per ‘order’ so I was making them for a specific lady.  You can do the same…Send me YOUR pics – I’d love to see them!

There you have it…a 1-of-a-Kind Tennessee ‘Vols’ Jacket.  Whoops – they are playing KY right NOW – gotta go watch!

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  1. Jean Orton says:

    Very nice! U do such pretty jackets from sweatshirts Thanks for sharing!I am getting ready to try one !

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