THREAD NESTS – The WHY and HOW to Fix on your Sewing Machine


Thread Nest aggravating MESS is due to…


If your sewing machine occasionally creates these ‘nests’ of thread on the bottom, this is for YOU!  I know for a fact that this ‘machine operator error’ is the KEY to understanding your sewing machine and enjoying sewing. And NO, it is NOT a bobbin tension issue! Personally, I know that I sewed for YEARS before I came to understand all this when I became a sewing machine dealer.
Of all my You-Tube Videos, this one has received the most positive, thankful comments.
Below, I’ve copied a few of the Comments on my Video:
“You just saved my entire life!!! I was literally panicking and about to go get a new machine because mine is so old (like belonged to my grandmother old!) I’ve been sewing for yrs (even had it in jr high) and never paid attn to that being the problem! In the past, I would just rethread until it worked itself out! Thanks so much for your video!! ”
“You are AWESOME! Thank you thank you hope you have more posted because I am a beginner and literally got rid of one sewing machine because of this!”
“Yeah, mine is new and I thought I got a lemon. Was about to give up sewing for good.”

I think I needed to watch this 20 years ago! 

Now It’s YOUR Turn to Watch

This video is posted below. On Bloglovin, you won’t see is unless you click back to the original post. Our apologies for hubby recording this with the camera vertical instead of horizontal. 


I wonder – among your ‘seasoned sewers’ out there.  Is this new to you?  Or have you figured this out long ago?

Please share this info with any new sewers you know.  Thanks!


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10 Responses

  1. Hi Londa – I end up with thread nests when I backstitch to lock the stitches at the beginning (it doesn’t happen at the end) and I have a rather fancy new machine (Elna Excellence 780 – $3000) and I do always thread it with the presser foot up AND my VERY fancy needle threader which did work brilliantly at the beginning 2 months ago now never works which is a huge disappointment since it was one of the features I was keen to have. Do you have any thoughts on all this?

    • admin says:

      I would definitely march right back to the store with it and kindly share with them what you just did with me. Those VERY auto needle threaders are bummers to me. They always seem to go bad. The more automation, the worse IMHO. Take it NOW – do not wait. Be nice, but firm. Dealers can’t help something they don’t know is wrong. Firmness covered with honey is the best tactic…

  2. sometimes my sewing machine get stucked for messing up the thread. and then it forces the hoop and as a result it break the needle and often spoil my fabric. what should i do then?

    • admin says:

      I’m sorry, but I don’t completely understand. It seems this is an embroidery machine? Are you sure you are lowering the presser foot?

  3. This is a great thing that you helping so many people and thanks for sharing it all over the world.

  4. Patricia Wakefield says:

    Hello! I am having this exact problem with my Singer One machine but I am making sure to have the presser foot up when threading the machine. Could it be something else? Is it maybe that the self threading machine is not threading itself properly? Thank you for the video!

    • admin says:

      Though I”m not familiar with your specific machine, it has always seemed to me that the more automatic, the more problems. Sorry to say – Anyway, I would do these things:
      1. Change your needle. Make sure it is the proper needle for what you are sewing on. Consult my YouTube Channel – I have a fairly new video on that.
      2. Make sure your bobbin is proper wound. It should not be ‘mushy’ – in other words, you shouldn’t be able to stick your fingernail into it easily. Again – consult my YouTube Channel for more on that.
      3. Make sure your bobbin is in the correct way. If it is a horizontal drop in bobbin, it should rotate counter clockwise when you pull the thread. Again – I have a fairly new YouTube video on that.
      4. Take a firm, stiff fabric and ‘floss’ both sides of the tension area with it – perhaps you have a thread caught in there, keeping the tension discs – like 2 metal plates, from squeezing your upper thread properly.
      I think these things might help you out. If none of those help, I think you need to take your machine in for maintenance.

  5. Thank you so much very useful tips for us beginners

  6. Mike Heller says:

    Thank you for the nice article, I too sometimes having the issue with my needle, it will help me.

  7. Lynn Schlanger says:

    Oh good grief! If you only knew just HOW much trouble I have had with nests. ‍♀️ This is actually embarrassing, but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

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