Toddler Poncho Sewing How-To’s

My daughter requested new ponchos for my granddaughters (3 and 18 months) for Christmas – so of course, I complied.  With some experience under my belt (since I had made the older girl a poncho of heavy polar fleece a year plus ago), I was ready to improve on the design, especially of the hood.  Fitting grandbabies from afar is not an easy task!  I did take some pictures as I worked, knowing I would write a blog post, so here we go, but 1st:  a picture of my two darling girls, along with their handsome Daddy.

My daughter says she especially loves the poncho style to keep them warm in their car/seats without all the body bulk of a heavy coat.

Pattern Drafting

First – for a pattern.  Since a poncho = a circle, that was easy enough, but…how long?  What should be the dimensions of the inner circle (neck hole)?  Again – without the girls close enough to measure myself, I asked for a length from neck down the arm to finished hem, and with that, I grabbed an old pattern….. mainly for the hood.

You can see in the picture to the right how I simply matched seam allowances of the front, sleeve, and back at the neckline to determine the inner circle of this ‘donut’.  Then, adding inches to achieve the length requested, I cut a full circle.

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