Turning a Shirt Collar – Have You Ever? Your Mom? Grandma?

Have YOU ever ‘turned a shirt collar’?  Seen your Mom or Grandma do that?  Most likely quite a foreign concept to the young moms of today……..

Well – my hubby irons his own shirts these days (retired, and I did it for YEARS!) and he lamented when he saw this on one of his fav shirts.  “Could you fix it?”  he asked. That question (to which I rolled my eyes, and said, NO!),  reminded me of that long-lost skill.

worn shirt collar

HOWEVER, in search of some quick Blog Posts these days (read why below), I thought I’d do a quick online search for the How-To’s, in case you’re sew inspired to do this yourself………

This one intrigued me – though not actually turning, but creatively covering.  The ‘total collar cover’ technique would work here, but in all sincerity, I doubt my hubby would appreciate a floral ‘fix’ and I wonder how bulky it would be…..

Looking further (on YouTube, of course), I found this sweet woman who has the same ‘covering’ concept, but I was totally impressed.  Enjoy…

SEW…Where have I been?  Why No Blog Posts lately?

I’m SUPER SUPER Busy preparing to tape some It’s Sew Easy Episodes AND producing a NEW pattern pamphlet on transforming patterns and garments into TUNICS.  This pamphlet will be available in early March, and will be entitled:  TRENDY TUNIC TOPS.  Stay Tuned…..

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3 Responses

  1. Pam Thomas says:

    I have done this many times. The shirt then lasts until the cuffs begin to fray- at that point I discard them. It’s certainly an easy fix! I don’t even repair the underside after turning them.

  2. BJ says:

    Yes, I’ve taken the collar off at the stand or just the collar and turned it. My husband is a farmer and appreciates a worn, long sleeved cool shirt for summer. I don’t do it as well as my Mother, I must hand baste to get the edges even for top stitching (her quilting skills weren’t passed on).

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