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The Hydrangeas were AMAZING, BREATHTAKING, HEAVENLY, EVERY COLOR – EVERY WHERE.  They said all the rain they had this spring contributed.  The BEST part of vacation – next to visiting my cousin! Her hubby is a scallop fisherman – now THAT was interesting!
I even made myself try Steamers and Clams.  Once is enough…thank you!
Inspiration from a ceiling – I think in the Libary in Boston.  This will be design inspiration for free motion or couching … something on one of my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets!
99% of library patrons sat laptops or ipads.  WHY were they in the library is what I want to know. Oh yea – perhaps the aura of learning.
Sunset the first night in Provincetown.  It set SO quickly!!!  Sunsets and the ocean..always put me in my place in relationship to God.  I find it so easy to get so ‘into’ ones one life – the minutia…that unless we spend time in God’s word DAILY, the ME gets way, way to big.

This guy was a dichotomy in eras – an Indian from when settlers first arrived, and dressed as such – in a power chair.  Good for him!  Working – sharing – celebrating his heritage.  Each character at Plimoth Village IS and STAYS in character!  Really educational.

Texture of stacked bark off trees – bound to be roof of their ‘homes’.
 Don’t tell me that wallpaper is anything new!
Women have always worked with their hands to create something of beauty – I forget what fibers this gal was using – but they were from nature.
This settler woman was roll-hemming a kerchief for her husband.  Linen fabric – linen thread.  And we think WE don’t have time to sew!!!!
Whale Bone – scrimshaw it is called.  Whale bone was also used in corsets for the ‘boning’.  Duhhh
The first is a beautiful basket.  The 2nd is the contraption that you use to wind a ball of yarn from a skein of yarn.  I forget what is called – anyone?

And if you think there is such a think as ‘junk’… think again.  On the island of Nantucket in one of the gallery windows, we saw this!  I wish I had written down amazing artist – but alas, no.   See what this artist transformed stuff like this into!  Taking a photo let me ‘see’ it in from a different vantage point – a trick I’m finding useful in wearable art garment design – take a photo, then look at the photo for a different ‘view’ that is VERY revealing.
Also – on Nantucket – I FINALLY found a fabric store!   Here is what I added to my ‘Library’ of fabrics… ‘Visual Resource Center’ a customer once cleverly called her stash!

This reversible texture with a GREAT selvage and a wonderful stripe – that I can seam, cut, piece, and bias strip in many ways is very rich and wonderful and ‘in’ color scheme on the Brown USA Comfort Color Sweatshirt.
This is a 92” x 72” antique tablecloth.  Wish I knew lace to know the type – JoAnne, I’ll be emailing you for your ID of it!

Anyway – on brown, cut up, pieces, border – can’t WAIT to get started.
SEW… Comment to let me know what YOU have found on your travels to add to your stash or inspire you! 

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  1. Prudence says:

    Great post, love the pictures. Btw, the yarn thing a majig is a yarn swift.
    Thanks for the inspirations!

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