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I’m often asked “Where do you get your ideas for the sweatshirt jackets?” My answer is “From Everywhere”. This old brain sure can’t remember every idea I see, so I carry a small spiral notebook in my purse for taking notes – sketching, etc. Above you can see a few of the pages from our recent trip out west.

Obviously, many ideas are from garments themselves I see in Ready-To-Wear (RTW), but others are sketches of just LINE – DESIGN. For example, the pattern of the back of a chair at a restaurant, the design of a piece of metal yard sculpture…. EVERYTHING gets sketched or noted in my notebook.

THEN, when I get home, I tear the pages out – copy many of them so I have duplicates, and put them with different bundles of fabrics, etc. that I think they ‘go’ with. These pages also get put into my DESIGN NOTEBOOK so they are never lost.

SEW…like this next week when it’s time to design and sew some new jackets and perhaps develop some new patterns – my creative process is just interpreting, combining, and implementing these ideas. The only hard part is FILTERING the ideas – forcing myself to decide on the best interpretation, the best technique, etc. on a jacket – NOT PUTTING EVERYTHING ON ONE JACKET! But, since my “Frumpy to WOW” class teaches that – I am finding it easier to ‘practice what I preach’.

Stay tuned for the rest of August and much of September for postings and photos of my upcoming design and sewing fun!

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  1. Dena says:

    I can see if you were not organized, your design process would be a frustrating disaster.

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